Work With Me

I enjoy working with people and welcome collaborations. If you’re interested to collaborate with me, here are a few matters that I hope will manage your expectations on me.

1. My name is not eatophilia?

Answer: Oh no.. No no no, certainly not. Eatophilia is just the name of this blog, think like… eating profusely?

I am Ainee. CS is my partner-in-mischieves. Nice to meet you.

2. Do I do free reviews?

Answer: Yes and no.

More than 95% of restaurants/food/hotels featured in are non-sponsored, voluntary review, paid from my own pocket. I did the reviews at my own pace and expresses myself freely, hoping that my readers appreciate the unbiased information.

I accept invitations/collaborations on things that I believe readers would be interested. However, on certain cases, I do appreciate a contribution/fee to compensate for the traveling expenses, man-hour I had to put into writing the posts and editing the photographs. Not just free food. After all, needs cost to maintain – domain fee, web hosting fees, paid plugins et cetera.

3. Will the sponsored reviews be glossy nice?

Answer: Truth is, invite/collaborate with me, only if you are open to criticism.

There’s nothing I hate more than reading someone’s blog, about how Restaurant A’s buffet is super delicious, only to end up disappointed and ringgits poorer after I tried it. I don’t want my readers to hate me, so I will list out the good and not-so-good points truthfully. But hey, constructive criticism always leads to improvements, right?

There will be a disclosure on the post that it is a sponsored post.

4. Does has very good readership statistic?

Answer: I am far from having the amount of readers that rivals the famous bloggers. Hence you might want to manage your expectation on whether is your right type of media for getting the words out there.

Perhaps, have a cup of coffee, relax and browse through my blog before deciding if I fit your requirement?

5. Does has many followers on Instagram and Facebook?

Answer: I only update my accounts on latest blog posts. Unfortunately, people are more attracted to accounts that are very personalized, say bikinis. I am a private person and dislike sharing personal stuffs on social media.

Ok, ok.. I am finding excuses to explain my low followers count.. :p

6. Do I share my reader count, CPC, CPM and other statistics to sponsors?

Answer: No, as I prefer to be paid for my effort and man-hour I put into the post.
It will be meaningless to look at the numbers, especially when it’s not possible to see the real conversions.

7. Am I like this?

…. or this?

Answer: No. Fortunately, technology had progress to the point, you don’t really need a DSLR to get nice photos. I found myself more capable in photo editing to compensate for my lack of talent in photography. (P/S : I don’t falsify photographs, just enhance the sharpness and brightness to the point they deserve.)

I am more like this:

I am a Food and Travel Blogger, who travels for gourmet and love seeing the world. I am not a lifestyle blogger, so most of the time, I dressed comfortably with very average fashion sense.

8. What do I hate?

Answer: An invitation that comes just a few days shy from the D-day itself. I have a full time job (which is not blogging) and am unable to accommodate last minute request.

I once sorted out my schedule for a review at a hotel in KL. The event was cancelled and I was only informed when I contacted them, with a curt apology. Needless to say, I put the hotel’s so-called Assistant Marcom Manager‘s email into my spam list.

9. What else?

I like original and unique creative contents. Therefore, any Press Release will not be entertained.


After reading through, still wish to work with me? Great, and thank you.

Kindly contact me at [email protected] and we can sort out the details.