Won Korean Restaurant @ SS2 Petaling Jaya

여러분 (yo-ro-bun / everyone)!! I have found my favourite Korean restaurant in Klang Valley.

My co-workers and I had long been dissatisfied with Daorae Express in Paradigm Mall for their small portions, and inconsistent quality of the food. Once, I was served with over-boiled Kimchi Jigae, with half of the soup dried up. Thanks to Christine’s recommendation, we found Won Korean Restaurant, owned by a Korean lady and her son, well hidden amongst the many shops of SS2.

Yuwon (20)

I had bought my lamps and light bulbs many times at Maruzen but had never notice the restaurant, even with their menu displayed at the ground floor.

Yuwon (19)
I like the fact that they have daily lunch set menu, which were displayed on the left of its stairs. The daily special priced menu, were, unfortunately been removed recently. I can understand why. A Korean set meal priced at only RM9.90 was simply too difficult to bring any profit.

Yuwon (24)

Most of the meal, including the daily lunch set, are served with banchan (side dishes) with the regular kimchi. The rules for our banchan entitlement : 2 lunch sets = 6 dishes, 3 lunch sets = 8 dishes, 4 lunch sets = 8 dishes but refillable although we rarely request for refill. The portions were already well above our appetites.

Yuwon (17)
I had been to Won, even bringing CS there a few times since knowing its existence and the pictures were taken on few occasions. CS’s soon found his favourite in the Doenjang Jigae (soy bean paste stew) with minor spiciness.

Yuwon (1)

My recommendation is on their Sundubu Jigae (Tofu stew) laden with plenty of seafood. It is definitely the most spicy item on menu, with flavoursome soup that will make you lick the bottom of the bowl. Okay, I exaggerated on that.

Yuwon (21)

Just last weekend, we visited again and tried their ala-carte menu’s spicy Teokbokki. It came in generous portion with eggs, fish cakes and plenty of vegetables. It was delectable and not overly spicy. If you are looking for extra kick, do make your wish known to them when ordering.

Yuwon (8)

On another occasion, we had ordered for Kimchi Pajeon (kimchi pancake). Not only they did not skimp on the kimchi, they had added squid to it. Do dip the pancake to the sauce for even better taste. Most of the time we were served with cinnamon drink after meal. It was hard to take on the strong cinnamon taste at first but soon we had grown to love the taste. Whats more, cinnamon is known to regulate our sugar level, another good reason to gulp it down.

Won serves a comprehensive Korean menu including the famous ginseng soup and barbeques which I had a feeling we are going to tryout soon.

Won Korea
Address: 1, First Floor, Jalan SS2/55, SS 2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47300.

After numerous time of visit, Won Korean Restaurant’s taste had deteriorate, and I am searching for a better alternative now.


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