Window shopping in Dongdaemun, Seoul

Dongdaemun shopping district in Seoul
I just noticed that we had quite an eventful second day in Seoul from the interesting National Museum of Korea and food hunt in Noryangjin to Gwangjang market. The only place that smeared our itinerary, is unfortunately the highly anticipated Dongdaemun. Note that this is only in my opinion because I was looking for a shopping haven like Bangkok only to find Dongdaemun more like Sungai Way with very costly price tag. Nonetheless, DDM is a good place to people-watching.



From Gwangjang Market, we walked along the famous Chengyecheon Stream where the movie Jeon Woochi was filmed. The stream is a long stretch andI couldn’t find the exact spot where Kang Dong Won fight the evil goblin, which is more scenic.





Dongdaemun shopping hub is made up of at least 3 main buildings specializing in selling clothes. I found them boring mainly because the good quality clothings will burn a very large hole in my pocket while the low quality jackets (with a cardboard written ‘ARMANI’ paste on it) cost more than buying (authentic) Zara in Malaysia. As for the street vendors, they’re usually reluctant to give discounts. We soon realized that food are the only things worth exploring.




DDM is full of restaurants, food outlets and street food. After the visit to Noryangjin and Gwangjang Market, we were full to the brink. I wanted to buy Isaac sandwich but gave up the idea.



The only things we tried was this sausage wrapped in French fries for 5,000 Won per piece. It’s a little pricy but the sausage is big and the French fries are crunchy. Overall, it’s tasty.


With Namdaemun will be closed by evening and Myeongdong’s shop packing up by 10 pm, DDM is a good place to wander if you’re not planning to return to hotel yet. It’s like the twin sister of Noryangjing, only that it sells clothings instead of seafood almost 24 hours a day with wholesalers active from midnight till 5 am.

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