What I Bring on a Plane

How to have a comfortable flight with these hand carry must haves.
1.Topshop sling bag  2.water bottle  3.wet wipes and tissue  4.ballpoint pen  5.minyak angin  6.book   7.beauty pouch   8.hyaluronic acid from Aqualabel   9.silk scarf

This post is not unlike How to Be Comfortable on the Plane, but I think it’s time for me to share my experience how to have a comfortable flight, even when we are not flying business class. After all, a flight journey is usually a start of a holiday or travel plan and no one would wish their trip to turn sour, just because of a bad flight

The above photos are the essentials I’ll usually bring in my hand carry. Recently, I’ve made a switch from a small backpack to this sling bag from Topshop. The size is just nice. Big enough to fit my essentials yet not too big to fit at my seat. The best part is, it’s genuine leather and can stand all the rough handling from me.

No 2 is of course the bottled water, that is, when I am allowed to bring one on plane. We were allowed to bring bottled water on Airasia if we buy them in the waiting area, after passing the security scan. However, I was asked to throw away my bottled water when I wanted to board Malaysia Airlines on my last trip to Japan. Luckily Malaysia Airlines provides “all you can drink” plain water. The reason for the drinking water is obvious. To stay hydrated throughout the flight. Yes, it’s a nuisance for me to keep going to the washroom after drinking that much of water, but I’ve always feel less jet-lagged, whenever I drink more water during the flight.

3. I am a little bit OCD on hand washing and being on plane limits my flexibility to wash my hands. Although the wet wipes may not do the job like soap and water, it certainly makes my hands and face cleaner than doing nothing at all. It’s also a must for my clumsy travelling companion, CS who had the tendency to spill food around the plane.

4. We frequently forgot to bring a pen and had to borrow from the stewardess, one too many times to fill up the landing visa. That was in the past. Now, we always bring one or two with us.

5. Minyak Angin literally means ‘wind oil’ in English but it’s a traditional ointment which always cure my motion sickness. It’s good to rub them on my stomach when I get stomache. I basically grew up with this! In the picture, it says ‘minyak kapak‘ which is actually one of the famous brands.

6. What’s the better past time than a good old book? I’m not much of an ebook person. It feels like I am insulting Agatha Christie if I read her creations on a tablet.

7. Beauty Pouch. To fit in any makeup or skin care that I will need on the plane.

8. To add on to the beauty poach, this small tube of hyaluronic acid works miracle to hydrate the skin. The main key is to use it with a little dab of water.

9. Scarf. Although pictured here is my silk scarf, I swear by the pashmina scarves. They are very good body-warmers during air flight.

I think that pretty much surmise what I will bring on a normal flight. For longer overnight flight, the list will be longer with add-ons like toothbrush, ear plugs and eye mask. Oh yeah a sleeping mask for a beauty sleep is recommended.

So, what do you bring on your flight?

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