Visiting Petronas Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur

The Petronas Twin Tower of Malaysia, was officially opened on 1st Aug 1999 and quickly became the tallest building in the world at that time. Yet, it was only recently that I decided to visit the place having missed the opportunity to visit it for free and now I have to pay an entrance fee for it. Being a Mykad holder (citizen) we got the ticket for RM26.50 per pax, much cheaper than foreigner’s price at RM84.80. I was appalled by the idea that the cheaper ticket can only be obtained at the ticket counter so it won’t ensure the availability of tickets and slots for the day.

Yes, you have to buy the ticket according to your intended time of visiting, or they called them slots, 15 minutes difference between each slots.

Petronas Twin Tower 2

There’s been stories about the absurdly long queue and to avoid the queue, we reached PTT just slightly over 8.30 am when the ticket counter were just opened. CS quickly bought the 9.30 am slot to give us ample time to find parking.

Petronas Twin Tower 1

To get to the towers, you can take the RapidKL LRT to KLCC and walk within the shopping mall following the signboard of Petronas Twin Tower until you come to the above shown area.

Petronas Twin Tower 3
Turn to the far right corner and descend the escalator to get to the ticketing and starting point of your visit.

Petronas Twin Tower 4

I don’t know whether because it’s a fasting month, there’s no daunting crowds as what’s depicted in lots of travelling websites.

Petronas Twin Tower 5

Each individual will be given tags with lanyards and the colors of the lanyards differentiate the visitors for different time slots. We were briefed on safety code and regulations by a small 3D and just like any agog travellers, everyone had their mind fixed on touching the 3D hologram. I can hear CS cracking his knuckle while waiting for the presentation to end.

Petronas Twin Tower 6

Soon our lanyard color were called and we proceed into a lift that brought us to the skybridge on 41st floor. The bridge is a double decker bridge but the 42nd floor is accessible to the tower tenants only. Only 10 minutes were allowed for each session so everyone went their merry way, finding a spot for non stop camera-clicking action and selfies-ing.

How do I feel standing 170 metres above the ground?

Breathtaking, observing the serene Sunday morning of Kuala Lumpur starting to get busy.

10 minutes times up and we were ushered to another smaller lift to bring us to 86th floor and my ears won’t stop popping. The very first thing that greeted us upon reaching the observation deck were lightboxes showing the current list of tallest building in the world.

Petronas Twin Tower 17
The current tallest building is Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Petronas Twin Tower 13

Petronas Twin Tower 7
A view of KLCC park from above. This started on my debate with CS that KLCC park used to look better with more green but he retaliate, “It always looks like that.”

Petronas Twin Tower 10
Sunday morning never looks this good.

Petronas Twin Tower 15
And I used an unprofessional model to pose with the Nikon binoculars for me. Notice the stiffness?

I do not remember the time we were left to roam the observation deck, roughly about 15 minutes later, we were ushered back to the lift for another ear-popping ride till the last stop at the souvenir shop.

Do I recommend a visit to Petronas Twin Tower?

Yes. Why not? It’s the tallest building in Malaysia and offers a great view of Kuala Lumpur from 86th storey height.

How to skip the queue?

I could only answer this for foreigner’s purchase. Ticket purchase is available at Petronas Twin Tower ticketing website but Mykad holder price is not available online. You will have to wake up early to get the tickets from the counter.

What’s there to do after the visit?

Head straight for adjacent Suria KLCC shopping center for a shopping day, of course.


Petronas Twin pin

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