Village Park Cafe @ Uptown, Petaling Jaya

Village Park in PJ Uptown was a cafe we passed by numerous times, and while we always wondered why was their business so brick, we never made it to the cafe. There were just too much to eat in the area. Finally, on last weekend, we made it to Village Park, and had a look at the menu.

Village Park PJ Uptown

Food at Village Park were pretty much the same as those we can get in other cafe, but with extras like Nasi Padang. The items that immediately attracted my attention was Lontong, a specialty of my truly Johor state. I hadn’t had any lontong since I went back to Batu Pahat 2 months ago.

CS’s twisted philosophy ; what’s a better way to start a meal than a glass of iced coffee? Nevertheless, the coffee was quite rich and up to standard.

Village Park Cafe The fried chicken is selling like hot cakes here and this is the stall where they chopped the chicken.

Curry Mee at Village Park
Curry Mee

Village Park’s Curry Mee made us understand why their business was brisk. The curry was rich with coconut milk, yet not too sickening thick. Another plus point for having fat juicy cockles.

Lontong at Village Park

My lontong was satisfactory, with very nice sambal on top of it. The only thing I could complain, was the gravy that seemed to lack some ‘special ingredients’, compared to Johor’s lontongsambal sotong and coriander seeds in the peanut sauce. Anyway, I would still considered this as a good temporary substitute to curb my cravings, whenever I miss lontong.

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