UK Paris Trip Part 9 – Finale at Montmartre and Pantheon

Psssstt… It’s our last day in City of Lights. And I decided to go bold fooling around with my camera. I’m pretty sure my photos looked amateur in the eyes of professionals but I must admit, the weather on that day was so perfect (but skin scorching) for taking photos.

Our morning exercise for the day – climb over 200 staircase to Sacre Coeur Basilica. (playing with Vivid Color function)

Sacre Coeur sits on the highest point which explained this unobstructed view of the whole city. What are sweats and muscle pain if we got this?

In one day, we had met magicians, a prodigy artist, a harper, violinists and con men trying to sell “friendship string” to tourists.< img src=”” alt=”” width=”640″ height=”478″ border=”0″ />

Walking down to Montmartre, the home to street artists. Many artist came here from afar, hoping to be discovered but how many of them really made it?

Au Petit Comptoir attracted a large crowd waiting to buy its crepes. We decided to join the bandwagon.

To be honest, I would have prefer our own Roti Canai compared to these soggy crepes.

If you think paintings and cafes were the only thing you’ll see in Montmartre, think again. There are some  small scale vineyards in the area, which one would have missed unless they’re looking for them.

Luckily there was fence, or my sticky hands will have to pick one of these.<

I had been really bored by the medieval churches and cathedrals but the Church of Saint Jean de Montmartre stands out amongst all with the tiles.

The weather was getting too warm to hold us so we made a trip to McCafe again at Opera area. Will you believe me if I say “I AM NOT OBSESSED WITH MACARONS” ?

This time, Galleries La Fayette was open but the crowd was too overwhelming.

Jardin du Luxemborg was never in our itinerary. We unwittingly walked into it when we got lost, trying to find the Pantheon. Ironically, there’s one such note (not written by us) on a wishing tree.

Jardin du Luxembourg is a sight that fill us with awe and reverence.

And like the huge garden is not perfect enough, there’s an orchestra going on, playing the most unlikely music  – Pirates of the Caribbean. It was something like this

Only after we got back to Malaysia that I noticed CS looked like a gangster in front of Pantheon.

Sitting on the cobblestone floor with Pantheon behind me.

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