Two Two Chicken at Myeongdong, Seoul

Two Two Chicken has my favourite fried chicken in Seoul, South Korea.
I have never heard of Korea being famous for fried chicken but after reading some Korean food blogs, I was convinced to put fried chicken in my priority list. Some mentioned that Two Two Chicken serves one of the best ones and for that, I tried searching for its list of branches’ address but failed. We decided to put our bet in Myeongdong since it’s the busiest place in Seoul and jackpot!
Despite being one of the biggest franchise food outlet in South Korea, this outlet feels more like a family owned little restaurant. No uniforms, operated by an elderly couple occasionally helped by their son, when he’s not too busy with his iPhone.
I had a packet of Tteokbokki in my hand and I asked the uncle whether I can eat them here. He looked at me, puzzled that I should ask, and answered’ “Of course!” Unlike in Malaysia, Korean restaurants does not ban customers from eating BYO (bring-your-own) food.

All meals in Korea starts with kimchi. This is one of the non-spicy kimchi, with a mix taste of sour and sweet. Oh my… why are the kimchi in Korea taste so crunchy?

Golbang-i (15,000 Won), a plattter of hot and sweet seashells mixed with raw vegetables. The seashells were too rubbery and the sauce was too hot for us to handle.
Golbang-i came together with a handful of cold noodles which is bland, cold and boring. This will be the last time I am ever to try this dish again.

We went for the original flavour fried chicken because CS’s refusal to accept them in garlic sauce or spicy sauce. Each set (15,000 Won) of fried chicken is enough to feed two. Put together with my BYO tteokbokki and Golbang-i, we had a hard time finishing all the food. Putting this factor aside, Two Two Chicken is just what a fried chicken should be – divinely aromatic, flavoursome, crunchy on the outside yet still remained juicy in the meat. Oh, did I mention they used mostly drumsticks and chicken thigh, that promised better meat texture? We packed some of them back to hotel as supper and they still taste so good even after a few hours.

Its menu does not offer too much variety but the fried chickens are more than enough to summon more foodie. For more info on the menu please visit their website.

Update on 26/5/2013 : Many readers have ask me where is this Two Two Chicken outlet in Myeongdong to which I have no idea, cause we stumbled onto it. After searching the web for few hours I found this post by another blogger . The photo looks like the branch that we visited and there’s a map in there. Hope it’s correct and you find it useful. Google Street View won’t let me zoom into that street, so I can’t 100% verify the location.

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  1. hi. can you provide the address of two two chicken myeongdong? if not, at least a landmark? thanks

  2. I'm sorry, I can't.. cause I got lost most of the time in MD, too many Faceshop, Nature Republic etc so I can't pinpoint a single landmark. Try to find a street which has a lot of small food shops. Two Two Chicken is on of them. Or try to get a map. You can get MD map from Korea Tourism Center at M Plaza 5th Floor.