Tokushima Ramen Todai and Yatsuhashi @ Kyoto Station

Ramen from ramen street in top floor of Kyoto train station.

Ramen is one of the must have dish when visiting Japan, or so I heard. Yet, in the midst of being caught up in the sushi and donburi craze, we forgot about ramen until we arrived at 10th Floor of Kyoto station. Nestled on this floor is the Kyoto Ramen Koji (meaning Kyoto Ramen street), where we can find ramen from different perfecture in Japan. Ramen lovers will be spoilt for choice.

Unsure of what to get, we picked an outlet based on the pictures – Tokushima Ramen Toudai (徳島 ラーメン東大). On the side note, we don’t even know where is Tokushima. All the ramen shop are rather simple with an ordering machine at the entrance.

Kyoto Ramen Street

The ramen soup were boiled with pork, plenty of pork that the soup looks seriously greasy. As for the taste, CS and I had reached the conclusion that they didn’t suit us because of the absurdly porky taste. Although raw eggs were available on each table for add on, but the soup were not hot enough to cook the eggs so we were left with gooey porky soup.

Kyoto Ramen Koji

Despite our appreciation for Tokushima Ramen Todai, it seemed to be the most popular shop in this ramen Mecca.

Other than ramen street, Kyoto station also houses many eateries on its multilevel building. I will say one can easily have her lunch, dinner and shopping in the same place without leaving the station.

Kyoto dessert and snack shop

One thing I like about Kyoto is the wide variety of delicious desserts. Sweet stuffs are big in Kyoto with almost every nook we turned, there’s bound to be a shop to satisfy our sweet tooth. Yes, CS is a man with sweet tooth.

Yatsuhashi, sweet snack of Kyoto

Yatsuhashi is my favourite.

Yatsuhashi with red bean paste filling.

Yatsuhashi were mainly sold as “souvenir sweet’. Its skin were made from glutinous rice floor, sugar and cinnamon, although some may be flavoured with matcha or black sesame. We can either buy the skin-only version or the type with red bean paste filling. Either type, I love them equally.

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