T&K Seafood @ Yaowarat Road, Bangkok

T&K Restaurant in Yaowarat Road, Bangkok

I had always thought Somboon is the uncontested most popular seafood restaurant around Bangkok until I was introduced to T&K Seafood by tripadvisor reviews. A quick google confirmed that it is indeed something that can give Somboon a run of their money, if we put aside the comfort and ambience.

Not wanting to endure the hot outdoor weather, we headed straight for the indoor air conditioned seatings. It was full but T&K Seafood is a four or five storey restaurant. We just kept climbing the stairs until the staffs stop telling us to go upstairs! Dejavu of Wong Kei in London all over again.

T&K Seafood Yaowarat

restaurant at Yaowarat

The seafood fried rice looks like an unfinished work with the light colored rice and a stalk of green onion. The taste was so-so only the sauces were just the same as anywhere.

Steamed squid at T&K Seafood Yaowarat

After the below-average lemon sauce dish at Ban Khun Mae, the Squid Steamed with Lemon Sauce at T&K was a blessing.

Crab dish at T&K Seafood Yaowarat

Forgive me as I forgot what kind of crab dish did we ordered. We ordered a small portion but didn’t expect it to come out as only one crab. The freshness was top notch and the sweet and sour sauce (yes, I think we ordered Sweet and Sour Crab) is delectable although a bit on the messy side.

T&K Seafood Yaowarat road, Bangkok

Highlight of the day were the Grilled River Prawn. When we thought the crab was fresh, the river prawns were even better. A little grill over the fire with small amount of salt and that’s it. Of course, for more kick, there were always the chili sauces.The total damage was 800 Bht although my calculation based on the menu did not equal to that. We weren’t given a receipt either but we were just two tired tourist, who don’t bothered to ask anymore.

How to get to T&K Seafood :

We took the MRT to Hua Lamphong (pronounced as Hua Loom Phong) station and took a taxi from there. Taking a taxi there could be difficult as most of them refused to go by meter while some don’t even know where we’re trying to go. We finally got an honest taxi driver and the taxi fare was only 30 Bht. If we had traveled with male companion (someone with initial CS came to mind), I would have skip the drama and walk to T&K.;Note : It will be helpful to have the picture of restaurant to show to the taxi driver.

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