T&K Seafood @ Bangkok, Yaowarat Road

T&K Seafood in Yaowarat Road, Bangkok

I first started dining at T&K Seafood in 2014 and we went there again in end of 2015. Thinking back, I am not too sure if it’s the best seafood haunt for the first visit, we got a receipt with no itemized listing, but a big 1000 Bht figure written on it. This time we were met with yet, another case which marred our dining experience.

This time around, every diners just wanted a place to sit in T&K so they are no longer seeking the thrill of eating at outdoor by the crowded road side. The upstairs’ seat were now highly sought too, so we can no longer just walked up and get a place within minutes. A staff painfully tried to stop everyone from getting pass her into the shop without getting their queue number. We waited patiently for our number to be called but already, we were placing orders with the lady.

T&K Seafood

This time, I made the effort to remember the price of each item – one small portion of crab is priced at 150 Bht, reasonable for a simple grilled crab.  The crab was disappointing, very lacking in both flavor and texture.

T&K Seafood Yaowarat

The grilled prawns, as the specialty of T&K, were still as good as ever and my favourite sauce was the green chilies with lime.

T&K Seafood

Squid steamed with lemon sauce. Again, another usual suspect. The squid were slightly overcooked but the lemon sauce easily compensated for whatever shortcoming of this dish.

T&K Seafood

Grilled cockles. This was the first time we tried their cockles. They passed with flying colors on my book because the sizes were just right, not too much dirts in the shelves and sweet. CS however, could not accept them as they were simply too bloody (raw) for him. For anyone who had not taken their Hepatitis B injection, it’s best to skip this.

T&K Seafood's price in receipt was different from the menu

Our receipt were itemized this time, but we soon noticed the crab was priced at 400 Baht instead of the 150 Bht as listed. We asked but was told in a broken English which we made out to be – “Small one finished, we gave you Large.”

Nice try. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the crab we were served is obviously ONE SMALL CRAB. With two strike of unfortunate event, I think I will save my seafood adventure either at the cheap Khlong Lat Mayom or Somboon Seafood for better comfort.


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