The (Not So Good) Melaka Food Trip

Dimsum in Jonker Street

It’s a little cliche that I am doing a Melaka food trip, but which food blogger don’t do that? Regrettably, this food trip did not turned out to be as good as we anticipated, rather a disaster, in fact.

Warning : some food thrashing involved. I really want to love the food but I just couldn’t!

Dim Sum at Low Yong Moh
Melaka food trip - Low Yong Moh restaurant
Dim Sum at Low Yong Moh

We started the day with dim sum at a supposedly famous dim sum in Jonker Street. Maybe we didn’t order for the most recommended “tai pao” or what, the basics – har kow and siew mai all fall below par. It feels like they are skimping on the prawns for har kow and the ‘skins’ are thick with rubbery texture. The Lo Mai Gai (Sticky Rice with Chicken) taste very average.

Low Yong Moh restaurant

Took a walk down the hundreds years old memory lane in the morning before tourists and day trippers swarm the place.

Jonker Street
Jonker Street

The reward of arriving in Melaka early in the morning. We had Jonker Street all by ourselves.

Melaka food trip - walking along Jonker Street
Melaka food trip along Jonker Street
Melaka shops

Cendol at East and West Rendezvous Cafe.

Melaka food trip - Cendol at Jonker Street

I do not know if their cendol is usually made by their foreign worker but ours were. The ice shaves were coarse with not enough santan to compensate the “roughness”. The gula melaka taste too sweet and ‘burnt’.

To add insult to injury, the green cendol taste very starchy.

Melaka food trip

Klebang Coconut Shake

We took a little ride out the beaten path for Klebang Coconut Shake and the place was hard to miss.

A variety of malay kuih and packed mi siam, noodles and nasi lemak are sold here, making it a good place for lunch… IF we forego the taste.

Keropok lekor that looks this crunchy shouldn’t taste that average.

Klebang Coconut Shake

Fortunately, the coconut shake were good and creamy although can be sickening sweet at the end.

One of the worst packed mi siam I’ve ever taste – just bland.

Melaka food trip - Klebang Coconut Shake

Bad breakfast, bad lunch and the last thing we wanted was a bad hotel. Fortuitously, the room at Ecotree hotel is quite good and most importantly – clean.


Eco Tree hotel is not the best hotel in Melaka but it was a “will-do” hotel at an affordable rate. If you are interested, we booked for Eco Tree hotel via Agoda to use up our Agoda points before the expired. Check for rates and availability.

Laksa at Cendol 88

laksa in cendol 88

Went out to seek for late lunch at Cendol 88 but Nyonya Laksa was the only menu available at 3 pm. To be fair, I’ve never like Nyonya Laksa anf Cendol 88’s version did not make me like it any better.

Dinner at Haji Nasir Ikan Bakar

I should have walk back to our car the moment I saw the fish that were displayed for us to choose. Despite being a fishing village, the fish just don’t look fresh enough. In fact, I could find fresher ones at hypermarkets. Plus the price is not really that cheap.

I was famished and took a packed Nasi Lemak to try. I thought what could go wrong with a simple Nasi Lemak? Wrong. The nasi lemak was not lemak (oily) at all and taste more like plain rice with sambal that’s forgettable.

Haji Nasir Ikan Bakar

When our butter prawn arrived, we were like “are they sure these are butter prawn?” They are anything but buttery. On the brighter side, I think they might have invented a new ‘most hated prawn recipe’.

Melaka food trip - Haji Nasir ikan bakar

Kerapu Bakar Sambal. I can’t stressed enough how much I hate eating fish with the scales still attached to it. The sambal taste mediocre.

Cendol at Cendol 88

Cendol 88

About a month ago, we were here for their cendol and we love it for the finely shaved ice, creamy santan and the right amount of gula melaka. That perception was changed on this trip. The shaved ice was still fine but the gula melaka was awful. Too sweet, too burnt.

Mille Crepe @ Nadeje

Nadeje cake

I was in very bad mood since my arrival in Melaka but before leaving, we thought we might as well try the famous mille crepe at Nadeje. Gosh. I should have come here earlier. We had just had our lunch which should have decrease our appetite for this but no. Our initial plan to have just ONE piece became two pieces plus a takeaway.

Melaka food trip

Nadeje has a few branches in Melaka and two in Klang Valley. I had later, tried their mille crepe at Sunway Giza and they were not that good. Maybe because they were not selling as fast as their counterparts in Melaka, the mille crepe had lost its freshness – less fluffy and the custard fillings started to get ‘watery’.

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