The Dusun, Seremban

self catered accommodation and eco resort

self catered resort in Seremban

A while ago… okay, I’ll admit, this is another back post. This trip was actually done in Sep 2014 and thanks to my procrastination again, I blog about it half a year later.

Back to the story.. we took a weekend escapade to The Dusun when I can no longer endure the stress and need to get away from the hustle and bustle. CS was very supportive and he followed up with the contacting and booking process. Seemed like nothing to praise about? He definitely deserves a praise because he had never plan a trip by himself!

The Dusun is a self-catered retreat at the foothill of Titiwangsa Main Range, next to the Berembun Forest Reserve. The accommodations come in forms Malay traditional houses and one modern bungalow. There are only six units available that could accommodate from two to a maximum of 8 people per unit, so privacy is pretty much ensured here.

As Seremban is not lacking of good food, we had a little stop searching for its famous beef noodle before venturing to the outskirt area leading to The Dusun. I will seriously recommend using GPS as my online Google map showed blank when it gets nearer.

As we booked the Perling House, we are not going to park our car at The Dusun entrance. Instead, we had to go further up.

This entrance to Perling House definitely needs a bigger signboard. We missed this entrance and drove all the way to the dam.

We were a little unmotivated upon reaching this unmanned gate and the No Trespassing gate was certainly not welcoming to us. Apparently this hill was inhabited by a few residents and the gate was built to keep people off their land. The Dusun is just one of the landowner here and we have to wait for its staff to open the gate from us. Please note that other residents of the hill will not open the gate for you as what happened to us.

Perling Air, The Dusun

I fall in love with Perling House the moment I saw it. Who don’t? There’s two Perling House with one being the Perling Air, probably due to its slightly closer vicinity to the pool and the Perling Bukit, which is right beside Perling Air but facing the hill.

The bar kitchen was surprisingly well equipped and suspect the owner is an Ikea lover just like me. I can easily identify the Ikea product in this picture. The drawback was the mini fridge that proved to be too small for our 2 night stay, as I brought two whole bags of food. Fortunately I had my ice box with me and I don’t have to squeeze food into the fridge until late night. We had to round up as much food as possible on our first dinner.

The kitchenette has all the cutlery, pots and plates ready for use but being a germaphobe that I am, I brought most of my tools.

Perling Air

The room totally transported us back to the days we stayed in Bali. I have a soft spot for wooden bed and wooden floor.

Dusun in Seremban

The two Perling Houses are slightly away from the other houses and when I say away, it’s actually a few metres climb up the staircase.

By evening, at the courtesy of The Dusun, they will light up the BBQ pit for us if we need to grill our food. Alternately one can ordered a BBQ set from this establishment is they do not want to bring their own. As glutton as we were, we brought lamb shoulders, chicken wings, beef steak and even prepared stingray and catfish for grilling. Topped with sambal!!

The very good thing about The Dusun, is we can focus being the chef and leave all the dishes for The Dusun team to wash! That was a very good news for CS, the dishwasher man.

Dusun Perling House

Our sleep was disturbed by a neighbouring brown dog (not the owner’s) that won’t stop coming back to rummage the dustbin for food. CS had to wake up and fend him off a few times until we move the smoldering BBQ pit to block his way. On the second night, it came again but as the Perling Bukit was unoccupied, we moved the compose bin to there and locked its gate.

The nearby Sora House is a modern bungalow that can accommodate 8 people.

The Dusun

Initially we wanted to book Berembun House as we like the idea of jumping right into the pool from our deck. Too bad it was fully booked at that time.

The Dusun

There’s nothing much to do in The Dusun unless one is interested with the hiking tour. We were not much of a hiker and happily spent most of our time swimming and reading the books we brought. I managed to finish Death on The Nile within two days. something that I have not accomplish for a long time.

It could be hard to google The Dusun as currently there’s a few ‘Dusun’ resort going around. Here’s the official website for ‘this’ Dusun : The Dusun.

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