Thailand’s 7-Eleven – You’ll never worried what’s to eat…

I have said this many times and I won’t mind repeating – we are OBSESSEDDDD with Thailand’s 7-Eleven. In our trip to Krabi last week, the first thing we did was to check out the 7-Eleven store. Conveniently, there’s one located just a few steps away from our hotel.

Whenever you’re in Thailand and there’s a 7-Eleven around you, you’ll never have to worry there’s nothing cheap to eat, there’s no snacks enough for you or there’s no drinks that can satisfy you.

Meiji milk taste sooooooo good and for a big pack like this, it will only cost you about RM2 plus.

Snacks we bought from 7-Eleven

These are just small percentage of snack available in Thailand. The snack on top right hand side, that packaging looks like Twisties’s packaging? It’s actually produced by Lay’s. It’s cheese flavour, unavailable in Malaysia and it’s damn delicious.

Betagen Thailand

Meet Betagen, a drink that is not unlike our Vitagen but it’s tastier and more concentrated. Best of all a big bottle of this will only cost around RM2 plus. CS is totally fetish about Betagen. The two packages are the jumbo sausages from 7-Eleven’s ready to eat department, a good snack when you get hungry at night. There are also burgers available here which are just as sinful as any other food here.

Thailand's 7-Eleven


Thailand's 7-Eleven

AND THESE…. They’re like all calling and waving to us, asking us to buy them! There’s nothing we can do to resist them.

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