Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas, Publika

Good Thai food is hard to come by in Klang Valley, let alone thai street food. I have soft spot for street foods from any part the world, particularly Thai food. Something about eating in a non-frill style and delicious fast meal where I can even eat alone, without being awkward. It is such setting at Thai Tuk Tuk in Publika, where we were greeted by brightly colored wood panels around the restaurant.

It’s evident that Thai Tuk Tuk team knows classics are the best, so they incorporated all Thai food I can crave for – tom yum, green curry, red curry, Paneang curry, grilled otak-otak, Miang Kam, duck noodle soup et cetera. The only missing one is the Tom Kha? There’s a number of ala-carte dishes for sharing, but they’re as costly as dining at a full-fledged Thai restaurants.

Pink Seafood Noodle Soup at Thai Tuk Tuk
Yen-Ta 4 or Thai Pink Noodle Soup, RM18.90

The Yen-Ta 4 or Thai Pink Noodle Soup (RM18.90) was a reddish color bundle of seafood. It’s a taste-bud-pleaser with a tinge of sweetness, complemented by the lalas, prawns, squids, fish slices and ping pong sized fish balls. While the fish balls were nothing to shout about, the rest of the ingredients were exceptionally fresh.

Authentic Tom Yum at Thai Tuk Tuk

Don’t quote me on this but; Thai Tuk Tuk served a Tom Yum Seafood Noodles (RM18.90) better than even restaurants in Bangkok. The tom yum taste authentic and it’s flavorful and creamy at the right level. Although, I don’t understand what were the kangkung vegetables doing in my bowl of precious tom yum noodles.

Ice coffee at Thai Tuk Tuk is too sweet for me

The Ice Coffee was the one that put a dent on our otherwise perfect lunch. It was overly sweet and very lacking in coffee aroma, certainly did not justify it’s price at RM5.90.

There were plenty of dishes around and hopefully, I will be back to try out more dishes soon. I would recommend the single meals, as I found the other ala cartes, drinks and desserts on a rather expensive scale.

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Thai Tuk Tuk at Solaris Dutamas. 😋😋😗 #publika #thaifood

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