Teak Cafe @ Batu Pahat

Teak Coffee (1)

Back in our hometown in Batu Pahat, inevitably the topic of finding good (Arabica) coffee popped up again during our family dinner and sister-in-law mentioned Teak Cafe, the supposedly new hot haunt for coffee. With me organising the next girl-nightout, I did a few coordination over watsapp message, and soon found ourselves at the doorstep of Teak Cafe.

Teak Coffee (5)

There’s no doubt that Teak Cafe derived its name from its other facade, of being a teak furniture shop during the day.

Teak Coffee (4)

The cafe is on the first floor with extra seatings on the second floor. However, the staff were very reluctant to bring the drinks up, so it was close, most of the time.

Teak Coffee (3)

At the back of the cafe were the nicely crafted teak wood furniture.
Teak Coffee (2)

From the menu, it seemed like they did tried hard, to bring variety of coffee menu, like Affogato and Siphon Coffee. Upon asking, siphon coffee, for whatever reason, was not available. We decided to settle for something more down to earth – caramel macchiato.

Teak cafe is a warm and homey cafe alright, but I will be wrong to think, that I had found a good coffee place in this dreamy town. The coffee had too much bitter aftertaste and the caramel was cloyingly sweet. Something tells me the coffee beans are not that good.

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