Tangkak Duck Noodles, Batu Pahat

A look into My Documents > Pictures, I found some pictures that I had forgot to post as I happily packed my bag for Bali. It’s the Tangkak Duck Noodles of Batu Pahat that I had post some time ago but on that day, I was lucky that I had my digital camera with me and can take better picture compared to just using my cheap handphone.

Tangkak Duck Noodles
A little bit different from previous visits, duck gizzards were available. Ya hu! There are a few kinds of noodles available – the usual ‘Sang Min’ (thin noodles), Mee Poh (flat type noodles), vermicelli and kueh tiew. For me, I think the Mee Poh goes best being cooked ‘dry’ while the smooth kueh tiew is always better with the soup.

What I like about this place is because they never overcook the noodles/kueh tiew/vermicelli and the duck meat is really soft and the gravy’s flavor totally penetrates into the meat. But uncle, auntie ah.. can give a little bit more meat in my noodles?

The soup might be a little bland for Klang Valley standard, but at least it didn’t taste like a MSG soup. It just has faint taste of duck meat and some herbs.

OK, don’t get disgusted just by it’s looks that’s like phlegm. This was actually their special chilli to complement the meal, but green chilli are also available.

Take note that, even though it’s called ‘Tangkak Duck Noodles’ it actually operates in Batu Pahat town area. For its map, you might have to refer here. Look for it in the 3rd map I drew.

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