Bangkok Itinerary & Place of Interest Map

How to plan your Bangkok itinerary for 3 days to 7 days

Bangkok, love it or hate it, because while it’s a city packed with actions, it could be intimidating to less-experienced travelers. But now, you have decided to venture into Bangkok anyway (since you are reading this, I assume you are..), so just take a deep breath, and Bangkok can be easy. How long to stay […]

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Where to Stay in Bangkok

Where to stay in Bangkok - Khao San area

Here are some of my recommendations on where to stay in Bangkok. Added on are their Tripadvisor scores (as on 14 Apr 2017) for reference. Bangkok is one of the most visited city in the world and for decades the tourism boom has boosted its city expansion, basically every where is listed in travelers’ attraction […]

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Inter Restaurant @ Siam, Bangkok

Snuggled in the heart of busy Siam Square with interior that could only qualify as impressive if we are in the 80s, Inter Restaurant is an unpretentious cafe serving the norm Thai dishes. Whether its cheap or not will depend whether, you are comparing it to an even simpler local eatery or with a tourist-filled restaurant. I think […]

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Foodcourt in Phuket

Being one of the most popular island destination in the world, Phuket food price can soar higher than the amount you’re willing to fork out. That is, unless you eat where the locals eat. We’ve got our dinner taken care off, with a full list of seafood restaurants off the beaten path. When it comes […]

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Chen Long Buffet Phuket, Thailand

Chen Long Buffet Phuket, the name is no stranger to me and CS. Back in 2008, Jamie’s Phuket blog had recommended this to us as a cheap and affordable buffet BBQ and steamboat, well liked by the Phuketians. Regrettably, we didn’t manage to come here during the previous trip. This time, I am not exaggerating […]

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A Day at Chiangmai Zoo

If you wanna lose weight, go to Chiangmai Zoo, seriously. You can really go nuts if you hike through the Chiangmai Zoo on foot, like what we stupidly did. We didn’t do much research before going to Chiangmai Zoo and walked pass the train service ticket counter without suspecting anything. On the brighter side, we […]

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