Street Food in Seoul, South Korea

street food in Seoul, South Korea

To describe street food in Seoul, I would use the words ‘colorful’ and ‘abundance’. Of course when I said colorful, I didn’t meant they put a lot of artificial colorings to them but because of the varieties. From meat to pancakes, japanese styled snacks like tempura and takoyaki to European styles crepes, bagels and sandwiches […]

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RM22.40 All You Can Eat BBQ in Seoul

Very cheap all you can eat BBQ buffet

Weeks before Seoul trip, I found out BBQ, especially when it involves beef, is expensive in Korea, even for Koreans. I frowned at the prices I found online. That was, before I came across this blog, which told the story of cheap, good, all you can eat BBQ in Seoul (Sinchon area). With the main population […]

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Window shopping in Dongdaemun, Seoul

Dongdaemun shopping district in Seoul

I just noticed that we had quite an eventful second day in Seoul from the interesting National Museum of Korea and food hunt in Noryangjin to Gwangjang market. The only place that smeared our itinerary, is unfortunately the highly anticipated Dongdaemun. Note that this is only in my opinion because I was looking for a […]

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Two Two Chicken at Myeongdong, Seoul

Two Two Chicken has my favourite fried chicken in Seoul, South Korea.

I have never heard of Korea being famous for fried chicken but after reading some Korean food blogs, I was convinced to put fried chicken in my priority list. Some mentioned that Two Two Chicken serves one of the best ones and for that, I tried searching for its list of branches’ address but failed. […]

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