Koti Restaurant @ Hua Hin, Thailand

Being a coastal town, it’s no wonder that Hua Hin is bustling with wide array of fresh seafood. With a rented car at our disposal, we got a variety of recommended seafood restaurant with a few being a little out of town. What we did not anticipated was, we did not have the luxury of time, having only […]

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Wong Poh Seafood @ Bukit Mayang Mas, PJ

Remember how I criticized Gobo Chit Chat for serving an awful butter milk crab? Given that, it’s only befitting that I should nominate a good place for butter milk crab, which is none other than Wong Poh Seafood. To date, it still serves the best butter milk crab in Klang Valley, in my opinion. Hence, exactly a […]

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T&K Seafood @ Yaowarat Road, Bangkok

T&K Restaurant in Yaowarat Road, Bangkok

I had always thought Somboon is the uncontested most popular seafood restaurant around Bangkok until I was introduced to T&K Seafood by tripadvisor reviews. A quick google confirmed that it is indeed something that can give Somboon a run of their money, if we put aside the comfort and ambience. Not wanting to endure the […]

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A Tale of Two Sara Thai Kitchen.

Sara Thai is a restaurant renowned for serving authentic Thai food in Kuantan and I have heard for more than once that it’s the best Thai restaurant in town. A Thai food lover like us couldn’t let go of the chance of testing the theory ‘is it really good’? Just as we thought it will […]

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Awang Ikan Bakar, Kuantan

Awang Ikan Bakar in Kuantan

Within 4 years of absence from Kuantan, this once leisurely town (and seaside) had bloomed so much, almost unrecognizable, especially with the cars rushing swiftly along Jalan Beserah. We even had to speed up to avoid a big truck tailing too closely to us. The road was dark but Awang Ikan Bakar still stood out […]

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