Kanna Curry House at Seksyen 17, PJ.

Kanna Curry House

Every time I see a long queue at a banana leaf rice outlet, I always wondered, “what’s up with the overpriced rice on a banana leaf?”. It’s reputation didn’t get any better when the banana leaf rice stall in my office building taste bad. I never thought I will like Kanna Curry House at Seksyen […]

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MKP Lam Mee 淋面 @ Uptown Petaling Jaya

MKP Lam Mee in PJ Uptown

I hardly like Lam Mee (淋面). Reason is.. most lam mee out there are cooked with way too much cornstarch covering over yellow noodles that inevitably clumps together, resulting a gooey mess of carbohydrates. My colleague brought me to PJ Uptown recently, and although I am not too enthusiastic to have lam mee, I relent […]

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Won Korean Restaurant @ SS2 Petaling Jaya

여러분 (yo-ro-bun / everyone)!! I have found my favourite Korean restaurant in Klang Valley. My co-workers and I had long been dissatisfied with Daorae Express in Paradigm Mall for their small portions, and inconsistent quality of the food. Once, I was served with over-boiled Kimchi Jigae, with half of the soup dried up. Thanks to […]

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Kelvyna Cafe @ Kelana Jaya

Being the food blogger that I am, organizing a gathering always naturally falls into my hands – family trip, ex-course mates dinner get-together, old friends gathering and recently a meetup with my ex-colleagues who had all kissed GCH good bye. I am the last one to leave GCH and they were excited to know my […]

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Brunch at The Good Batch

Weekend brunch is becoming a habit for us, an unhealthy one but sure is a way to enjoy a good weekend. I had been to The Good Batch before for a gathering and the meal and coffee had been quite satisfying so I thought CS will like this place. He, on the other hand was […]

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