Le Bis Trot 30′ in Paris

Le Bistrot Cafe in Paris serves very good Orange Duck

If you’re in Paris, you will never be short of 3 or 4 course meals offered in every corner of Paris city. In such, I must say these aren’t something to be missed especially when they come within means of 10 to 16 euros per set. The streets opposite to the Notre Dame, or St […]

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UK Paris Trip Part 7 – Versailles & Eiffel

Day trip to Versailles Palace, Paris

Palace of Versailles was the most anticipated agenda of our trip. I had read its history, story of Marie Antionette and seen its pictures online. All these fascinates me and I couldn’t wait to see this place for myself. THAT was.. before I arrived at its doorsteps. We arrived early at Versailles Station and decided […]

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UK Paris Trip Part 6 – Bonjour Paris Again

8th July 2011 – After 3 days in London and 2 days in Oxford, it’s time we’re going back to Paris again. Yes, we’re dumb enough to book the flight to and fro Paris, which explained our money wasting Paris-UK-Paris routes. I should have booked the ticket back to Kuala Lumpur from Stansted,UK instead. The […]

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Paris & UK Trip Part 1

A quote from Gossip Girl season 4 – “Just as every summer ends, all tourists come home, all dreamers wake up.” That’s the case with me. I finally picked up my laptop and started blogging again. And where had I been missing? I was in UK and France for a 10 days trip, something that […]

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14 hours on Airasia X to Paris

I was never gifted with the ability to sleep like a log, unlike someone. (CS is shifting his seat uncomfortably now). So you can imagine my horror when I know I had to spent 14 hours on Airasia to Paris. Worst news? We were assigned to middle seats on a plane, smaller than the one […]

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