What to Wear in Malaysia : Packing Tips

What to wear in Malaysia : Packing tips

Congratulations, you are coming to Malaysia! If you are churning your brain to work out what to wear in Malaysia or pack, then take a chill. Figuring this out is much easier than countries with four seasons. Seasons in Malaysia Malaysia has only two seasons – rainy and hot. In general, monsoon (rainy) season starts […]

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Penang Food Trip

Continuing on my Penang food trip, we swiftly checked into hotel and gave my ex-roommate for a meet up which unfortunately too late for lunch and too early for dinner. Luckily, ZL’s aunt and uncle were very accommodating to our late visit to their coffee shop. Toon Leong Coffee Shop Although I am more of a […]

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The (Not So Good) Melaka Food Trip

Dimsum in Jonker Street

It’s a little cliche that I am doing a Melaka food trip, but which food blogger don’t do that? Regrettably, this food trip did not turned out to be as good as we anticipated, rather a disaster, in fact. Warning : some food thrashing involved. I really want to love the food but I just […]

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Satay Zul, Kuantan

Satay Zul is widely favoured by local Kuantan and travelers as well.

The moment CS suggested a detour on the pretext of burning off our dinner by going around Kuantan town. Seriously, by riding in a car? I knew what he had on his mind. He had caught wind that Satay Zul is the best satay in town and well, you know the rest of the story. […]

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Awang Ikan Bakar, Kuantan

Awang Ikan Bakar in Kuantan

Within 4 years of absence from Kuantan, this once leisurely town (and seaside) had bloomed so much, almost unrecognizable, especially with the cars rushing swiftly along Jalan Beserah. We even had to speed up to avoid a big truck tailing too closely to us. The road was dark but Awang Ikan Bakar still stood out […]

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