Thai Tuk Tuk @ Solaris Dutamas, Publika

Good Thai food is hard to come by in Klang Valley, let alone thai street food. I have soft spot for street foods from any part the world, particularly Thai food. Something about eating in a non-frill style and delicious fast meal where I can even eat alone, without being awkward. It is such setting […]

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NU Sentral : BUILT Custom Burgers

Custom Built Burger serves good burger in NU Sentral Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Many years back, and when I mean many years back, it’s when I was still the young good looking girl, commuting and interchanging at KL Sentral, I wished this area was something more than a simple interchange point. Then, three years ago, NU Sentral opened its door to transumers/transit consumer – people who connect transports, […]

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Peking Duck at Dragon-I

Some time ago, upon returning from Kuantan family trip, sis had a craving for good old roast duck. Peking duck specifically. I wasn’t too enthusiastic mostly because I know one, it will be exorbitantly expensive, two, we will be paying for pieces of duck skin with fats and minimal meat beneath the skin. She had no […]

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