NU Sentral : Milk Shake Factory, Dolly Dim Sum, B Bap Korean Food, La Juiceria & Sushi Tei

Food to eat in NU Sentral Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Continuing on NU Sentral NomNomNom… Milkshake Factory : Reminiscing your childhood sweet tooth or simply, still harboring the same taste even in your adult years now? Then you will be amazed to find Milkshake Factory had incorporated all your childhood goodies into their creamy smooth milkshakes – Kit Kat, Snicker, M&M’s, Whopers, Cadbury, Oreo, Nutella and […]

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What’s to eat in Japan on a Budget

I have finally come to this post on what’s to eat in Japan. A list  budget food, to be precise, which any working class from Malaysia should not have problem with the expenses. 1. Kaiten Sushi Kaiten sushi is the conveyer belt sushi, not unlike our Sakae and Sushi King. For roughly around 100 yen […]

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Musashi Kaiten Sushi @ Kyoto Station

Musashi Sushi in Kyoto train station is affordable and serves good quality kaiten sushi

As warned, my blog will be overflowed with my witch hunt for kaiten sushi in Japan. Here’s our favourite, throughout the Japan trip – Musashi kaiten sushi in Kyoto Station. Unlike other sushi we had tried, Musashi caters mainly for working class judging from our observation during our 3 times visits, rather than student. It’s […]

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100 Yen Sushi in Kyoto

100 yen sushi in walking distance from Nijo station, Kyoto.

There’s plenty of cheap kaiten sushi in Japan and our discovery of affordable sushi didn’t just stop at Uobei Sushi. We continued to hunt down a few outlets that supply scrumptious sushi without hurting the pocket. One notable 100 yen sushi in Kyoto is Kura Sushi, a short distance from Nijo train station. Once you’re out […]

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Uobei Sushi at Shibuya, Tokyo

Upbei sushi is one of the affordable kaiten sushi chain in Tokyo.

 If you have limited re$our$ces, like us, kaiten sushi is the place to go if one would like to eat sushi without burning a hole in their pocket. While conventional sushi restaurant’s bill can easily reach above thousand ringgit, Kaiten sushi is completely the opposite and one of the good one in Tokyo is Uobei Sushi. […]

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