Lontong @ Pantai Laut, Batu Pahat

lontong pantai laut

Sometime ago, I blogged about Kedai Makan dan Minum Pantai Laut, as one of the best asam pedas available in Batu Pahat. Now, I feel obliged to introduce its other worthy dish – lontong. We are obsessed with lontong, to a great extent. The best lontong in Batu Pahat is still Mak Ani’s, but it’s […]

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Food Truck @ Setia Alam, Shah Alam

Truck food culture in Setia Alam, Shah Alam.

Food truck is in trend these days. After accomplishing many success stories in Petaling Jaya, food truck had arrived in Setia Alam now. We started to pay attention to them, upon seeing how their tables were getting fully occupied these days. We thought, something must be worth trying out, right? One particular truck stands out […]

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Nasi Lemak Cik Chom @ Batu Pahat

A little out of the way from main town of Batu Pahat, there is a shop that sells nasi lemak, famously for having toppings that are not usually in a nasi lemak menu. One of the toppings is non other than squid or Sotong King. I sniggered at the word ‘King’, very certain that they […]

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Murni Discovery at Aman Suria

Remember the days when we had dinner or supper at Murni SS2? We had to crane our necks to find a parking space, stationed our friends at north, east, south and west so we can ‘book’ a seat once some customers decided to leave, sitting by the roadside and risked getting ran-down by some drunk […]

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Gerai Satay Mana Lagi, Batu Pahat, Johor

I know, the name sounds weird, but wait till you hear about the Mee Racun in Batu Pahat. And remember the Mat Bond (sounds like a malay name for Mr James Bond) Bariani House I blogged earlier? Food businesses in Batu Pahat are really creative when creating a name (or fame) for itself. Satay Mana […]

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Nasi Beriani Mohd Shah, Batu Pahat

Seeing way too much of ‘Nasi Beriani Batu Pahat’ in Klang Valley, selling at really steep price simply devastates me so when I got myself a chance on cheaper dose of original Nasi Beriani Batu Pahat once we got back in Johor. Mohd Shah is usually the first choice (although it’s not my usual choice) […]

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