100 Yen Sushi in Kyoto

100 yen sushi in walking distance from Nijo station, Kyoto.

There’s plenty of cheap kaiten sushi in Japan and our discovery of affordable sushi didn’t just stop at Uobei Sushi. We continued to hunt down a few outlets that supply scrumptious sushi without hurting the pocket. One notable 100 yen sushi in Kyoto is Kura Sushi, a short distance from Nijo train station. Once you’re out from the station, you won’t miss this sushi outlet.

Once we gave the signal “two person” the waiter gave us a tag with our seat number shown. The place is bigger and more comfortable than we thought, with big aisle, table and seats.

100 Yen Sushi in Kyoto

English is non existence in its ordering system so we rely on the pictures shown. Thank goodness, everything is as illustrated, almost. We also have to trust our hunch when it comes to touching the screen.

100 Yen Sushi in Kyoto

So far, so good. We ordered one plate of prawn tempura to test.

The screen even show the estimated time for our order to arrive.

100 Yen Sushi in Kyoto

Everything is sold for 100 yen (~RM3) except for a few more premium food.

While waiting for the order food, there are also ready made sushi available in the merry go round conveyer belt to satisfy our palate.

100 Yen Sushi in Kyoto

We have not miss a single Sake Sushi (salmon). After all, for us, a way to determine a good sushi shop is whether they serve a good Sake Sushi or not.

The wasabi was strong, hot yet less pungent than what I usually taste. But then, we are not expert to judge authenticity of wasabi.

This is good stuff. The fish, which I suspect is mackerel, taste really good although I could not decide whether it was grilled or smoked.

food in kyoto

This is deep fried fish paste covered with corn.

On the other hand, the chawamushi taste more like chinese steam eggs rather than japanese due to the weird combination of sesame oil and cilantro.

Pachinko is big in Japan and the above Pachinko parlour is nothing compared to the parlours we came across in Hiroshima.

100 Yen Sushi in Kyoto

The sushi outlet exterior from the opposite road, hard to miss, right?

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