Sunday Lunch Buffet @ Xenri Japanese Restaurant

Sunday Lunch Buffet at Xenri Old Klang Road

Another long overdue post, someday, someone, on her birthday got a treat from her significant other who insisted she would ‘like’ Xenri Japanese buffet. I’ve had a second thought about posting this because of the photo quality but I thought I will just add Xenri to our buffet adventure.

Xenri Japanese Restaurant of Old Klang Road only offers lunch buffet on Sunday, the rest of the day, it offers ala-carte menu, set lunches and set dinners.

Xenri Japanese Sunday Lunch Buffet is one of the more affordable Japanese fares. As long as one manages their expectations, it offers quite a spread of everything and rather satisfying.

Sunday Lunch Buffet at Xenri Old Klang Road
For the fresh sashimi, only three items were available – maguro (tuna), salmon and butterfish. We got bored soon but fortunately, we had others to entertain our palate.

Sushi at Xenri Japanese Restaurant
Sushi were okay. While I usually like my sushi with raw slices, I liked their flamed-charred sushi better. Clearly, someone knows how to hold their blow torch.

Interior and ambience Xenri Old Klang RoadSunday Lunch Buffet at Xenri Old Klang Road
Xenri Japanese Restaurant embodied the Japanese flow of space, with an indoor stream, well separating the dining tables for privacy. They have an outdoor cooking area where they prepared and served mostly fried items and pan-fried beef.

Sunday Lunch Buffet Sunday Lunch Buffet at Xenri Old Klang RoadSunday Lunch Buffet at Xenri Old Klang Road

From there, we chose the succulent pan-fried beef over and over again. Maybe, just maybe the chef was in the rush on last call, the beef were cooked way too rare for our likes.

For desserts, don’t waste your time on others but the mochis only! At first, I couldn’t understand why the heck they have so much mochi of different colors and flavors. I personally hated every mochi I had tasted in Malaysia. Yet, I liked Xenri’s mochi for their soft-chewy texture with a reasonable sweetness to them.

Xenri Japanese Lunch Buffet is available on every Sunday 12.00pm to 2.30pm.
Adult : RM64.90 nett
Child : RM32.45 nett
Prices are correct at the time of the visit.

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