Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki Buffet @ Starling, PJ

Sukishi All You Can Eat Steamboat

This is another post on all you can eat steamboat. We visited Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki and Sushi Buffet at Starling Mall on two occasions – sometime around last year and just last week. Like Fei Fan Hot Pot, Sukishi has been actively taking reservations from eatigo but again, was bound to at least 4 diners.

Sukishi All You Can Eat Steamboat
Left: Sukiyaki soup. right: Shabu-shabu base

There are 4 types of soup base (shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, miso and kimuchi) that we had tried all. I would give sukiyaki a miss next time, being too salty, as if we dipped the ingredients in soy sauce itself. The rest were okay although kimuchi tasted a bit like instant noodles tomyam flavor.

Sukishi All You Can Eat Steamboat
The beef

Meats are the main theme here. If you’re looking for special cuts, Sukishi is not the place for you. The selections are straightforward – chicken, pork, beef and lamb slices. In fact, these are the only items you can order from the menu (except the charged items).

Sukishi All You Can Eat Steamboat

At one glance, the lamb has the most marbling but we found the fatty patches a little too much. The soup turned oily and taste gamey after tossing two plates of them into the hotpot. If you’re ordering lamb, remember to save them for the last toss.

Pork bellies at Fei Fan

Pork was the star. The ratio of lean meat and fats were satisfactory and went well with garlic+chilli dipping sauce and the sesame sauce (gomatare).

Sukishi All You Can Eat Steamboat

Sukishi All You Can Eat Steamboat

The free Chicken Karaage (fried chicken) weren’t the best. The batter was crispy but the meat itself was bland.

No excitement about the sushi, but at least we had something to fill the stomach while waiting for the hot pot to boil.
The buffet line could do a lot better with more selections. One type of clam, porkball, sausage and vegetables? They need to add more punch on that. Farmed shrimps were only available during the dinner session.

Now, who can recommend to me, a hot pot that serves sea-caught-wild white prawns? We have not seen one for a long time.

Charges: RM32.80++ for lunch and RM39.80++ for dinner.

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki & Sushi Buffet

Lot F-127, 1st Floor
The Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown PJ
Tel: 03-7662 5456

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