Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 11 Recap

Episode 11 Recap :

We are back to the confession night, with Bong Soon rushes into her house, and bumps right into the eavesdropping Mama. Clearly, Mama had not catch the confession as she is peppering Bong Soon, the reason Ahn-son-in-law to visit them at night. Bong Soon irritably tries to send her back to bed without success, as Mama persistently wants to know Min Hyuk’s age, ahem, for fortune telling.

Min Hyuk reaches home with untelling face. Flashback to earlier confession : Bong Soon was caught unprepared but she didn’t reject him. Instead, she requested for some time to confirm her feeling, and escaped into her house.

The thought of it makes Min Hyuk grins and wonders what he should do with her (cuteness), then makes a love sign with his breathe on window.

Bong Soon is not as steady as Min Hyuk, has insomnia and reminded of Min Hyuk agreed to give her some time to think, but prompted to be fast so that she can come to him ASAP. As if Bong Soon is not stress enough, she receives two texts, both Guk Doo and Min Hyuk wants to watch a movie with her tomorrow. Bong Soon buries her head under the blanket in frustration.

She has her Shakepearean Dream again and Romeo-Min Hyuk successfuly clambers onto the balcony and goes in for a kiss. They are interrupted by a self-righteous fuming Romeo-Guk Doo who lays out evidence that he is the true Romeo. Before they can launch into a brawl, Oh Dol Pyung (where is your costume?) clambers in, drooling over Min Hyuk, then attacks Guk Doo (even biting his head) for being rude at Min Hyuk. HAHA.

Bong Soon’s dream came partially true, as her morning starts with Oh Dol Pyung threatening to report her to the police. Bong Soon acts like she has no inkling to how the board table moved on the previous day. He proclaims that he’s going to make life hell for her and sends her to make coffee.

Bong Soon makes his coffee with PLENTY of sugar, which backfires, since he makes her drink it first. Turns out he likes the sweetness but it doesn’t make him like Bong Soon any better. Bong Soon’s next task is to move ten boxes of A4 papers to his room and she stupefies him by moving all the boxes in one go. Oh even confirms the boxes are all full with heavy papers before yells out in disbelief.

Min Hyuk is not in his office to greet her, and Secretary Gong informs that Min Hyuk will be attending a seminar. Bong Soon’s disappointed expression turns to excitement when Gong tells her (as instructed by CEO) she can attend the strategy meeting later.

Left alone in the office, she is pestered by texts from both men, “Why aren’t you answering me?”, referring to their movie dates.

Back at gangsters’ ward, Baek Tak screams awake to find himself all well and healthy again, and he attributes the speedy healing to Mama’s poop wine.

On their way to the seminar, Min Hyuk voices his irritation to Secretary Gong about going to the event he deems boring. He then receives Bong Soon’s reply, claiming that she can’t go for movie as she has a lot of work, in banmal. Meanwhile Guk Doo receives the reply too, but in honorific. Bong Soon clearly has got them mixed up and both men are bewildered by the banmal-honorific turnaround.

Ever-modest, Min Hyuk theorizes that she uses banmal because she wants to feel closer with him. He rants how he gets excited when people drop honorifics on him. Secretary Gong misunderstood his statement and blurts out in banmal on Min Hyuk. He is lucky as Min Hyuk brushes this off, while he relishes on Bong Soon’s banmal texts.

Bong Soon finally sets to work on the rejected-proposals-review-report and scoffs at a proposed game about “beef cutlet invading pork cutlet land”, brags that her own Super Girl Bong Soon is so much better. Erm.. she focuses back to her game but starts to hallucinate Min Hyuk on her laptop screen, winking and flying kisses at her. She shuts her laptop in disbelief then rants how she should be catching Kim Jang Hyun (killer) instead. The leads to her realisation that Min Hyuk is always hurt whenever he’s with her.

Bong Ki removes Gwangbok’s bandage as all his gang bemoan that his handsome face is now ruined. Then, Bong Ki is concerned about Jaws’ continuous constipation but he refuses to take on enema because of his pride. Pfttt! And where is Baek Tak? He is taking a stroll in the garden with confidence, now that he’s healed. Jaws wonders if the poop wine jar is leaking, as the liquid level is lower now. In the background, Gwangbok ekes out “He (Baek Tak) drank it, he drank it.” EWW.

Finally concentrating on her work, Min Hyuk’s text arrives again and Bong Soon realises she had used banmal on him earlier. On the other hand, Guk Doo shops for a confession gift, in a form of pretty necklace, then calls Bong Soon to meet her at Ainsoft later. To top it off, he reminds her, now that she’s in development team, she won’t have to follow Min Hyuk around anymore (possesive, that much?). “This will be my last advice as a friend.”

Guk Doo’s Team Lead follows the killer who in turn, stalks Hee Jin outside her studio.

At Ainsoft, Oh Dol Pyung comes across Baek Tak’s congratulatory bouquet and pokes fun at Bong Soon with Baek Tak as her boyfriend. Of course, Bong Soon denies this and he chastises her for being a player. He is still perplexed at how Bong Soon managed to carry the boxes and yells at her to reveal herself. “I am Do Bong Soon from Dobong-dong of Dobong-gu. Then she calmly whispers the truth – she is an alien. This is enough to drive Oh berserk and tears at the bouquet.

Bong Soon escapes into the bathroom but hears two colleagues talking about Min Hyuk. Apparently, our eccentric CEO had announced at the seminar, that he is straight and is dating an employee. While they are speculating who is the lucky bitch and leaves, Bong Soon accidentally broke the water tap.

Finally back from the seminar, Min Hyuk catches sight of Bong Soon, calls out to her and (in his most suave way ) puts on his blazer before striding towards her. From Bong Soon’s view, he is now a glowing Adonis. He takes her hand and refuses to let go, not even when Bong Soon ekes out that they are being witnessed by all the employees.

Back in his room, Min Hyuk approves of Super Girl Bong Soon design and propose to work on it together after they have THEIR LUNCH. He declares he is quitting his one-day-meal habit so he can have all 3 meals with Bong Soon, together.

Guk Doo’s Team Lead is having hard time trying to peek at the junkyard from the wall. At the same time, killer is doing his junkyard work while eavesdropping (on hearphone) the conversation between Bong Ki and Hee Jin, about their incoming date.

At Ainsoft cafeteria, Bong Soon can’t stop gazing at Min Hyuk and he is happily aware of it. Manager Oh and Secretary Gong joins in the fun and Gong casually asks Min Hyuk if the food is delicious, in banmal. Bong Soon thought he is talking to her (as he is using banmal) but he clarifies that he is talking to Min Hyukie. (Someone is digging his own grave.) The horrified Oh shoots him down for talking down at their CEO, but Gong defends that Min Hyuk likes people to talk casually with him.

With a menacing smile, Min Hyuk chimes that he doesn’t like banmal coming from him, then spoons his rice as if he is driving shovels into Gong’s grave.

Oh seizes the chance to ‘expose’ Bong Soon’s unnatural strength and her alien identity to Min Hyuk. Since the three of them are already aware of Bong Soon’s superpower, they listen to Oh’s rant with disinterest. Min Hyuk is more focus on putting Bong Soon’s favourite food into her spoon. It’s hilarious when Oh yells out that Do Bong Soon’s alien power will be highest on every Friday and Saturday 11 pm. (HAHA writer-nim, what a way to remind us of SWDBS broadcasting time!)

Bong Soon and Oh are the last in the line to walk out from canteen, so she ambiguously threatens him by presenting him with a gift – a steel chopstick that she bents into a bracelet on his wrist. His weak nerves gives away and he fainted.

Min Hyuk’s no-nonsense CEO mode (with imaginary glow) captivates Bong Soon again and she keeps eyeing him sheepishly. At another room, Manager Oh is crying his heart out while Gong consoles him. Fate has it, that Oh landed in Gong’s arm, just when two female colleagues walk in and witnessed them!

School bullies are at PC café again when they catch wind of Bong Soon confrontation with Baek Tak’s minion. Spitting fire, they vow to avenge their Noonim.

Killer approaches the staked-out Team Lead and while chiming he should join him for lunch, he threatens to call police on them for stalking him.

Ainsoft development team are having a meeting and Min Hyuk presents his new idea on Chronicles of Albertine’s extension, which seems to mirror Bong Soon and her twin. He uses a technical term, then switches to norm words, clearly trying to make it less complex for Bong Soon. Min Hyuk summarizes his concept as ‘family love’ while eyeing Bong Soon meaningfully. All the while, Manager Oh is weeping quietly, then pettily tosses his snotty tissue at Bong Soon. Aigoo aigoo..

Secretary Gong tries to get into Bong Soon’s good book, bearing a cup of coffee. Right then, Guk Doo calls and he will meet her in Ainsoft café. Before he can make it to the lift, Guk Doo receives a call from Team Lead telling him that Hee Jin is the next target, causing him to drives out to Hee Jin’s studio.

Min Hyuk finished his meeting and first thing he asks Secretary Gong is the whereabout of Bong Soon. Having heard the phone conversation, Gong tells Min Hyuk that a certain ‘Doo’ guy is meeting her. Min Hyuk corrects it as Guk Doo with an unhappy face.

Guk Doo arrives at Hee Jin’s studio, just to see her and Bong Ki preparing for a date. He tells her that she is now a target of the killer.

Meanwhile, Bong Soon decides to leave the café after the no-show from Guk Doo, but met with Min Hyuk as she turns.

Min Hyuk : “What’s with that face? You look as if a mediocre guy stood you up, and were moved by an amazing guy who showed up. I can read you thoroughly.”

They banter to and fro when Min Hyuks want them to go out together but Bong Soon wants to finish her work, Min Hyuk even offers to work overnight together AT HIS HOME. When she won’t budge, he desperately states he might cancel her Super Girl Bong Soon presentation to eke out time for them.

Min Hyuk : “Bong Soon ah.. Won’t you like me back?”
Bong Soon gapes at him.
Min Hyuk : “Let’s stay together today.”
And he extends his hand, waiting for Bong Soon’s response.
Bong Soon : “I am different from other people. Will you be alright with it?”

Min Hyuk says it doesn’t matter and when Bong Soon is still hesitant to take his hand, he pulls her into a hug. She hugs him back. (AWWWW…)

Still shaken from her acceptance, Bong Soon rushes to the lift, frantically claims that she needs to go back to work. Min Hyuk protests, how could she work after what had happened. She switches her escape tactic to the need to get her handbag from the office, and warns him to stay still.

Finally alone in the office, Bong Soon starts seeing imaginary gleaming stars on the ceiling and stares at them in awe. She gets hold of herself and her handbag, and heads down to meet Min Hyuk. The moment he sees her, he holds her hand and together, they walk out happily.

Now that Hee Jin is safe, Guk Doo is too late for his meeting with Bong Soon. Bong Soon ignores his call as Min Hyuk is sending her home. Their sweet goodbye moment were caught by BFF Gyeongshim who summarizes that they must be dating now, but Bong Soon is upset that she is walking the street alone again. Bong Soon realises this must be how Min Hyuk feels, worrying about herself walking the lone street at night.

The night is still young and Gyeongshim bugs her for more story but before they can discuss further, Guk Doo calls Gyeongshim, who rats Bong Soon out to meet him. He explains the reason for his no-show and expresses that he knows about Bong Ki and Hee Jin now. Then, he takes one step toward her. Guk Doo, “I know my feeling now. I don’t want to be just friend with you..”

But his supposed confession is cut short by Bong Soon, who meekly declares that she likes being his friend and would hate to lose him as friend. (Now he’s being friendzoned.) Poor Guk Doo leaves, then finds a corner to ponder, how he had been a fool all along, not realising his love for Bong Soon.

Back at home, Bong Soon is in deep thought, then sadly blurts out to Gyeongshim that all crushes have their expiry dates. Her tears fall down as if saying goodbye to her feeling for Guk Doo.

Hee Jin heads to police station to ask about the case, and her safety. Guk Doo shows her killer’s photos and upon looking at them, she is clearly rattled.

Min Hyuk waltzes into office in good mood, and tells Bong Soon to wrap up her presentation within two days. Next we see Bong Soon seated next to him, while he helps her with her design. When he asks her about the character that she wants to rescue in the game, she replies ‘a lonely prince’ which makes him really happy (reminds of himself?).

They have lunch at the cafeteria again. Secretary Gong tries to appease Manager Oh’s anger by feeding him food, only to be eyed conspicuously by their co-workers, as he fervently denies what they are thinking.

Baek Tak discharges himself from the hospital and leaves his minions with his heartfelt letters and ATM card/money. The minions are reciting his cryptic letter, comparing their lives to feces, when the school bullies marches in, demanding to know their leader. Fight ensues (as Baek Tak is walking in the street coolly) and the school bullies manage to steal the jar of poop wine.

Our puppy couple are working late at office library and while Bong Soon concentrates on her book, Min Hyuk seems to be loaded with happy hormone, stealing glances at her. He re-positions himself to sit beside Bong Soon and nonchalantly clutches her hand under the table, despite her weak protest. (I mean.. the girl can pull out her hand any time she want, can’t she?). Then Min Hyuk follows her like a ghost, insists that they have dinner before going home when she plays hard to get. She warns him not to hold her hand anymore, he agrees, then puts his hand over her shoulder. Neatttt…

Hee Jin leaves her studio with the police watching. The team who staked-out at junkyard senses something wrong and realise that the killer had left the place unnoticed. Team Lead and Guk Doo re-plan their baiting scheme and spring into action. Hee Jin walks faster as she senses someone following her but she was surprised at a corner.

Min Hyuk walks Bong Soon home as a blaring police car passes by.

At a dark lane, someone was taken by the killer and her luggage, a wristwatch and hearphone was left on the ground.

Afterthoughts :

I love this episode especially with Min Hyuk being proactive in going after his happiness, but not too exertive to scare Bong Soon away. And Bong Soon ah… well done for making her decision clear and I basically applaud at the way she handles Guk Doo’s confession. No hesitation, no anger, in the best possible gentle way. Her crying at the mention of expiry date on crushes, is a goodbye note to her love for Guk Doo.

This is the first time I felt sorry for Guk Doo, He made his effort but he is way too late for the party. Whatever ship, car, train and sampan that were available had all sailed towards the direction of Min Hyuk-Bong Soon. His dejected look is almost unbearable, that anyone with heart will wish that writer-nim makes another female character to love him back.

I like how Min Hyuk switches the IT terms to something simpler, for Bong Soon to understand. Small gestures, big sweetness. And when he shifts his RPG to emphasize on family love and the way he threw meaningful look at Bong Soon, it’s almost saying that he’s eager to join the warm Do family, who shares love and food together.

Our happy sweet moment was put to a stop with the latest kidnapping and the inefficiency of the police force. It’s you, right, Gyeongshim? I am going to say I told you so.. How could you, how could you be so careless? This is the first time that I will be angry with you. And your carelessness is going to cause us our OTP time. With the bets on the kisses from our puppy couple, do you have any idea how many Soompiers had to change their avatars because of you? Tsk tsk tsk.

I hope next episode will include Min Hyuk finally joining in the investigation with his Einstein brain juice and his technology. Clearly, the killer is too good for the police to handle, not even the top student Guk Doo. And I bet he is a good hacker too, being able to get his hand on Guk Doo’s resume earlier.

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