Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 Recap:

Back to where we left off, the news of the caught killer is all over the news – Min Hyuk thoughtfully watches it in his ward, Do family’s excited about the news and the killer is furious about someone else taking his credit.

Bong Soon and Guk Doo are frustrated, having failed to persuade the Team Lead that Kim Jang Hyun is the actual killer. Bong Soon wants to return to hospital and Guk Doo is bothered by this, almost asks if Bong Soon has other reason to return to him, but stops himself from saying out. He insists that she does not have to do this, but Bong Soon replies she wants to do this.

The same nurse is changing wound dressing for Min Hyuk again, while he grumbles what’s taking Bong Soon so long to come back. Right on the time, his princess returns, and he attributes her solemn face to losing the chance to see Guk Doo again, now that the culprit is caught. He is slightly surprised that the caught culprit is not the killer, but continues with more interesting question – “Do you still like Guk Doo?” Then grouches at her for liking Guk Doo, when a perfect man like himself exists. He jabs on with his impersonation of an insecure Bong Soon. “Why would a man as perfect as him (Min Hyuk) takes liking on me. That’s impossible. How dare someone like me even like him.”

Bong Soon : “Don’t you like men?”

Min Hyuk gives a lengthy explanation that, in order to establish a successful company like his, he wouldn’t have the time to date. He liken the gay rumours as noise marketing, which is something that simple-minded Bong Soon will never understand. Bong Soon gets the jab and asks why doesn’t he hurt from talking so much. He takes a second to (pretend) groan in pain, then summarizes that he’s crazy about women and his eyes will spin at the sight of them.

Bong Soon gives him a silent glare before digresses, “Your (colorful) robe really bothers me.” He banters that he dislikes ‘communal’ clothing and she wipes the grin off his face by repulsively asking, if he think she’s complimenting him (imitating him).

At police station, Guk Doo is adamant to follow up on Kim Jang Hyun, even requests Team Lead to get a warrant for him. When Team Lead refuses, he stomps out in huff, planning to put his badge on the line.

Bong Soon repeats the name Kim Jang Hyun, heedless to Min Hyuk’s calling. The annoyed Min Hyuk yells and she asks for his help to check on the culprit’s information. Min Hyuk orders her not to get involved in the case and she requests from some time-out to go back home for hygiene management. He agrees, but not before she helps him to wash his face first, cause he is ‘inconvenienced by his injury’. Sneakkyyy.

A few doors down, the gangster are bitching about taking revenge (again?) but Baek Tak rebukes that they should switch to other business. He then laments about his swollen face, “My face was my best features. Do you know how much my pretty face had got in my career way – too pretty, too cute.” HAHA.

Guk Doo returns to the junkyard and exchanges cynical remarks with the killer/owner, until Guk Doo grabs him by his collar, demanding to know where he hid the women. Receiving no answer, he starts to beat him up, then spots a pair of boots under the table. Junkyard staff barges in and stops Guk Doo as he rushes to grab the boots. Oh no. Guk Doo had walked into the killer’s trap – the boots are fake and the killer now has evidence of his violence from the CCTV.

Min Hyuk paces to and fro uneasily in the ward, then calls Secretary Gong to come over.

Guk Doo, on his way back, hears on the news that the apprehended culprit had recanted his statement and only admits to the latest kidnapping.

Secretary Gong arrives at hospital and surprised that Min Hyuk had arranged for Bong Soon’s transfer on tomorrow, and he is going to discharge too. In all seriousness, Min Hyuk wants to tie her down with work, to prevent her from getting into the investigation. When Gong asks him which team should Bong Soon be placed, Min Hyuk ponders thoughtfully.

Bong Soon is at home, gathering information on the case from web when she comes across the video uploaded by her school bullies. Gyeongshim walks in and expresses her support for Min Hyuk, then perks up when Bong Soon admits she’s having confused feeling for him. They were interrupted by a call from Secretary Gong, informing Bong Soon that she will be transferred on tomorrow. The girls shares the joy excitedly, sending tremors over the house.

Just as Min Hyuk predicted, Bong Soon calls him as he finishes counting down. She launches into her best thank you speech until he reminds her, that he is still waiting for her in the ward. They goes to and fro in a guilt-tripping contest – Bong Soon wants to sleep at home while Min Hyuk wants her to be at hospital.

Bong Soon : “I will be right there, then come back home early morning to prepare for work. Yes, I think I will have to do that.”

Min Hyuk : “That’s your problem.”

Bong Soon : But you would have want me to rest at home, since I have to work tomorrow. It will waste time to keep travelling to and fro. That’s what Gyeongshim keeps saying at me. Anyway I will come over now, I will just feel tired tomorrow.”

Min Hyuk : Forget it, don’t come then. Go ahead and prepare for tomorrow. Worst thing possible is my wound bursts open but it’s okay, I am hanging up.”

She stops him, only to whisper a “I respect you” before she hangs up. Min Hyuk’s stares in disbelief at the outcome, then transforms into a BIG SMILE for the word ‘respect.”

Guk Doo’s teammates are having a bad day again. Chief Police had caught wind of Guk Doo’s violence and is clamoring at them. Guk Doo walks in and without a word, puts down his badge and leaves, despite the Team Lead calling after him.

Next, we find Guk Doo back at the junkyard, marching towards the container he spotted earlier, ignoring the staff’s attempt to stop him. They scuffled but Guk Doo warns him about being an accessory in murder and kidnap case. Killer confronts him and just as Guk Doo about to deliver a blow on him, his police team mates appears and drag him out.

Turns out, they too, had investigated on Kim Jang Hyun and found out he is obsessed with the play Bluebeard and His Seven Wives to the point that every one in the theater recognise him.

At Do Residence, Bong Soon is on cloud nine, ironing her working attire for tomorrow. Mama jumps on her and is more concerned about Min Hyuk’s welfare. Bong Soon agrees that he tends to feel lonely whenever left alone. Then, kind Mama volunteers for the nursing duty and sets out. HAHA.

The smart Min Hyuk definitely did not predicted Mama’s appearance, and she now tortures hand-feeds him with chicken feet, that are too spicy. As Mama goes to fetch more water, Min Hyuk practically begs Bong Ki to send his mother home, but there’s nothing he can do.

Mama crosses path with Baek Tak again and she sympathetically laments how his face looks like boiled pig’s head. As she turns to go, she catches sight of the other gangsters and keep mumbles “Omo, omo..”

At night, Min Hyuk sleeps soundly as Mama looks on, appreciating his handsome face.

In SOMEONE’s dream, Juliet-Bong Soon is reciting her line from Shakespeare, but pauses multiple times as her English sucks. Soon after, Romeo-Min Hyuk climbs up the balcony and Juliet is surprised that he’s a Korean and clarifies if he likes women. Romeo enthusiastically admits he is crazy about women, and hand on her face, inches in for a kiss.

In reality, Bong Soon is asleep and rounding her lips for a kiss. Gyeongshim snags her out of her dream and wonders if she has been feeling sexually frustrated lately. LOL. Bong Soon leaves for work on light feet. Out from hospital, Min Hyuk is shopping for an apparent welcome gift.

Secretary Gong receives Bong Soon in the concourse with an exaggerated congratulatory/welcome celebration. She’s surprised to see Min Hyuk in office, who gives him the gift but he digresses when she asks about the team she will be joining.

Her happiness turns to sorrow when Min Hyuk presents her, her workstation – which is the same desk in his office, only decorated with a direction board. Hilariously, the board points “Team Leader” at the direction of Min Hyuk, and “Intern” to Bong Soon’s seat. Therefore, this is their development team, which consists of only two of them. HAHA.

Bong Soon weeps that she knows this is too good to be true, given her usual bad luck in career. Min Hyuk lays out his reason to make her an intern – he can’t let her get bullied by the seniors. When she laments how she will be alone in doing everything, Min Hyuk chirps that she has a senior manager, which turns out to be HIM. He jabs further by introduces himself and winks at her. She refuses to have a ‘meeting’ with him, on the ground that ‘meeting’ should consists of more than two person. No problem, cause Min Hyuk calls Secretary Gong in. Bong Soon crumpled to the floor, can’t believe the tragedy that happens to her.

Meanwhile, Mama is happy that Grandma is on her way to visit, and she specially reminds Grandma to bring THAT THING.

Goes back to Ainsoft – Min Hyuk grins, Bong Soon sighs loudly and Secretary Gong is uneasy at being stuck in their impasse. A well-groomed silhoeutte enters and Bong Soon is shocked by his uncanny similarity to Gwangbok, only with makeup and feminine gestures. DOPPELGANGER!

She can’t take her eyes off him (as he gives documents to Min Hyuk) and spotting her stares, doppelganger stares-laser back at her before leaving. Apparently, Bong Soon is the only one who thinks he looks like Gwangbok. The doppelganger’s name is Oh Dol Pyung.

Secretary Gong excuses himself to take a call, and Min Hyuk proceeds with the meeting, asking what kind of game does Bong Soon wants to develop. The answer is amusing – “a healthy game that do not encourage people to spend money, focusing on kindergartner and elderly.” Min Hyuk ends the meeting, disillusions her that kindergartner and elderly don’t spend money on games.

Bong Soon is badly surprised by the meeting that only lasted two minute, and Min Hyuk (in his impersonation as senior manager) banters he need time to discuss with their “CEO” (which is himself, by the way).

Bong Soon moans : “Why are you doing this to me?

Min Hyuk insists that she should go to the washroom now, despite her objection, “I will go when I want to go.”

Oh Dol Pyung is already waiting for her outside, and drags Bong Soon into a pantry. He berates her for being a special intern by CEO’s side, then goes berserk, throwing things around.

Oh : “ If you want to be in development team, YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME!”

And he flips open his jacket, exposing his purple satin shirt. (I am dying ….of laughter)
Bong Soon looks at the development team again, but this time, not in awe anymore. She’s now faces cruel reality and tries to hide herself in Gong’s room.

Min Hyuk’s deep voice hovers over the office, calling for her, “INTERN DO… INTERN DO…” Secretary Gong wonders aloud why Min Hyuk takes extra care to bully her. Min Hyuk continues to holler for her until she returns, then casually tells her he will throw a welcome party for her.

Bong Soon : “A welcome party? Just the two of us?” (Since it’s only two of them in the team)
Min Hyuk : “Yes, so it will be obvious if you don’t turn up.”

Bong Soon refuses his offer as she doesn’t feel like she is welcomed and he asks nervously if she doesn’t like her working environment.

Right at that moment, Secretary Gong enters and Bong Soon takes the opportunity to use him as buffer, telling him to pass a message to the “CEO”. Then, to the face of Gong, she goes ballistic with complaints – “This isn’t as promised. “I want some real work!!” (Poor Secretary Gong). Then she stomps back to her seat, adjusts the divider curtain so as she won’t see Min Hyuk’s face.

Bong Soon seems to face the consequences later, as Oh Dol Pyung is called in, to assign her with works. Oh requests to have a word with Bong Soon PRIVATELY, and Min Hyuk consented with ease. Once Bong Soon (feebly) follows Oh out, Secretary Gong expresses concern over choosing a bully to supervise Bong Soon. Min Hyuk answers that Oh might be the one getting bullied.

Oh Dol Pyung’s talk turns into a ragging session – when Bong Soon couldn’t make his ideal cup of coffee, he waves his hands threateningly at her and hits her in the process. Not only he refuses to apologize, he throws a pen over the table, and orders her to play fetch. Finally, enough is enough, and down under the heavy board table, Bong Soon pushes the board table to pin Oh Dol Pyung to the wall.

Oh shrieks like a banshee, and Bong Soon leaves the room, cheekily claiming to make a new cup of coffee. She returns to Min Hyuk’s room, announcing that Oh is still having his coffee somewhere. They relocates to cafeteria and Min Hyuk has an inkling that she had done something to Oh. She denies casually – she had not hit him, she had not knock him out but sheepishly hints he is ‘stuck’ somewhere.

Min Hyuk is startled by a congratulatory bouquet from Baek Tak to Bong Soon, with his smiling photo in the middle of it. Min Hyuk punches at the picture grudgingly, and Secretary Gong informs that Oh Dol Pyung has gone missing. Apparently, Bong Soon had told Min Hyuk of his whereabout so he leads Gong to the crime scene.

Oh is crying uncontrollably, asking Min Hyuk not to look at him (he definitely has a crush for Min Hyuk!) while Gong looks  for help to move the table.

Back to Min Hyuk’s office, Secretary Gong finally asks questions out of curiosity – “Why did you take the stab for Bong Soon? Was it an accident?” Min Hyuk replies no and admits he did it on purpose but he freezes at the question why. Bong Soon overhears them and paste her ear to the door, trying to catch the answer. At that moment, Min Hyuk opens the door, almost bumps into her. He mumbles he’s going to the library and she will join him later.

Min Hyuk ponders in the library about the question again, looking troubled. He puts back a book at the shelf, and right opposite of him, is Bong Soon. She avoids his gaze and meekly suggests to postpone the welcome party until Min Hyuk recovers. She offers to drop him home.

All is not forgiven by Oh Dol Pyung, as he cries and bitches about Bong Soon to Secretary Gong. Gong gets worked up and starts crying too, about his “more serious Bong Soon-inflicted injury” that makes him unable to wear skinny jeans anymore. HAHAH.

Grandma reaches Do Residence, passes what Mama requested from her – a jar of murky liquid (Is that what I think it is??). Next we see Baek Tak drinking the murky liquid, with helpful Mama looking on. He even compliments its aromatic clean aftertaste (Oh.. No). Mama sincerely wishes for his fast recovery, but when Baek Tak asks, she tells him – IT IS POOP WINE.

Bong Ki makes his round in gangsters’ ward and puzzled by Baek Tak lying glumly at the corner. Jaws only has clue that he had eaten something he shouldn’t have. Brushing that aside, Jaws narrates about his bowel habit, bringing up the word ‘poop’. Baek Tak gets sensitive at the words and Bong Ki spotted the familiar wine jar. He asks Baek Tak if he has drank the poop wine and realisation comes to the gang. They stare at him, horrified.

Bong Soon drops Min Hyuk at his mansion but as she turns to leave, he pulls her to sit on the sofa and lay his head on her lap. “Please stay still for a moment,” as he drifted to sleep.

Later, Bong Soon wanders into his wardrobe and seeing the painting of pink-hoodie-girl, she finally makes the connection – THAT IS THE PAINTING OF HERSELF.

Team Lead is having a drink with Guk Doo, persuading him to join back the team. Guk Doo still wears his furrowed brows but brightens up when Team Lead returns his badge.

Killer now has a new target, in form of tall and slim Hee Jin. He’s stalking Hee Jin and before she leaves for a date with Bong Ki, she accidentaly knocks down a vase. Bad omen?

Min Hyuk wakes up, disappointed that Bong Soon had left. Bong Soon had left the medicine on his table with a note, reminding him to change the dressing.

The 3 generations of strong women are at home, with Grandma passing a stack of Chronicles of Strength to Bong Soon, imploring her to write down about her strength, to be passed to next generations. Bong Soon arranges the books into cabinet and one of them glows in the dark.

Our troubled CEO is tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. He jumps up and heads out to Do residence. Meanwhile, Bong Soon is having girl talk with Gyeongshim, laments about her heart beating faster whenever seeing Min Hyuk, when her mother bursts in to announce of Ahn-Son-In-Law’s arrival.

They meet in the garden and after a long silence, Min Hyuk blurts out, “I am in pain.” Bong Soon sighs that he should take his medicine but he takes her hand and put on his heart/chest.

“It hurts right here.”

“You, need to stop your one-sided crush. I THINK I LIKE YOU.”

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