Review: Snacking without Guilt with Signature Snack

Signature snack

Watching TV? Burning midnight oil while toiling on blogging or pure hunger between meals? Grab a snack is what I always do. We all do, then guilt about it. Does snack always equate salt and sugar? Nope. Not according to Signature Snack.

Recently, I received a snack pack from Signature Snack. I was intrigued by its snacks that made up mostly of nuts and dried fruits – freshly baked and packed, free of preservatives.

First Crunchy Almond Biscotti | Black Truffle Salted Egg Potato Chips

I am most interested in the lesser-heard Black Truffle Salted Egg Potato Chips. Black truffle? Salted egg? Naturally, it’s the first pack I opened.

The thickly sliced US Russet potato chips are coated with a unique blend of salted egg yolk, curry leaves and red chili flakes. I really love this one because I could taste the aroma of salted eggs on every bite. Even the curry leaves were crunchy to bite.

First Crunchy Almond Biscotti missed the mark a little mainly because I knew a friend who made a killer almond biscotti. Without enough fats (no egg yolks), the vanilla essence tasted a little strong.

Salted Vanilla Cashew Crumbles | Roasted Pistachio in Shell

Salted Vanilla Cashew Crumbles taste very buttery and I think the cookies are crunchy rather than crumbly, as the name suggested. Not complaining anyway, because I love the crunchy texture.

It’s very easy to lose count on the nuts and seeds because Signature Snack has a lot of combination. The Energy Booster Trail Mix aims to provide energy in between meals with high protein nuts and dried fruits. I got into the habit of eating single nut (dry), followed by dried fruits which are moist and sweet. They balanced each other well.

Antioxidant Boost

Antioxidant Boost, on the other hand, boasts of dried fruits generally known to have antioxidant property – dried apricot, wolfberries, cranberries and blackcurrant. We used it to spice up a cup of plain yogurt. The result was good.

Cranberry Blackcurrant Mix is CS’ favorite because he loves these twins, tangy and sweet at the same time.

After a guilt-less snacking time, it’s good to wash down with a cup of Superior Pure Matcha tea. All we need is about 3-5g of this matcha powder to mix with hot water to get an aromatic and refreshing tea.

Psst.. if you’re interested to use matcha in a less conventional way, here’s how we do it at Eatophilia. Frozen bananas + 2 tsp of matcha powder + 1 cup of fresh milk for a refreshing breakfast smoothie. Even better (healthier) to boost it by adding a dash of Signature Chia Seeds.

Check out Signature Snack on their website now to purchase some natural and healthy snacks for yourself. Don’t miss out on their sales and promotions on Facebook.

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