Satay Zul, Kuantan

Satay Zul is widely favoured by local Kuantan and travelers as well.

The moment CS suggested a detour on the pretext of burning off our dinner by going around Kuantan town. Seriously, by riding in a car? I knew what he had on his mind. He had caught wind that Satay Zul is the best satay in town and well, you know the rest of the story. I was intrigued too so his suggestion was taken uncontested.

famous satay

I could see how popular Satay Zul is. It was 9 pm, a time when it’s too late for dinner and too early for supper yet all the seats were taken so we’re left with the choice of take-away.

Price list


A counter specially dedicated for take-aways.


famous satay


The satays were grilled on old-fashioned metal grilles at the outdoor, less sophisticated than Haji Samuri but gave us a reminiscence of the past. Even with take aways, it took 30 minutes before we can start home go back to the hotel with our trophies.


I am sorry that I have the present the food in this way. There’s no other container except for a miserable saucer in our hotel room.
So, is Satay Zul worth all the trouble to drive 30 minutes all the way from Cherating to town? We do agree that both chicken and beef satay were tender and slightly bigger than Kajang satay specifically Haji Samuri’s. I do, however, dislike a sweetness that comes with it, probably from marinating the meat with too much sugar?
We will probably drop by again the next time we’re in town but wouldn’t deliberately take a 30 minutes ‘detour’ ride just for their satay.

Satay Zul,

Satay Zul
A-2600 (Tingkat Bawah),
Jln Alor Akar,
26250 Kuantan,

+609-568 7859 / +6017-970 0161

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