Rock and Sole Plaice, Covent Garden, London

Rock and Sole Plaice in London serves one of the best fish and chips in London.

I was told that it is fish and chips is like a national food for UK.  Long before we took the flight to Europe, we already had a list of outlets that (presumably) serve the best fish and chips in London. CS was thrilled because it’s his favorite food and he planned to have fish and chips as dinner every day in UK. Rock and Sole Plaice was first on our list.

Upon looking at the menu, I finally understood where it got its name from. Rock, sole and plaice are types of fish available here. Except for cod fish, I was totally clueless about the other types. Sure, we had rock fish sashimi in Seoul but I don’t think we’re talking about the same species here. Hence we follow our guts and ordered a cod fish and a haddock, priced at 13.50 pounds each.



Although we ordered for the regular size fish and chips wedges, our eyes widened when we saw the portions. Undeniably, we could have order one portion to share. The coating were crunchy with just the right thickness and the fish taste fresh and  ‘sweet’. The wedges were just as good.



Tartar sauce and ketchup were available in stainless steel container but we keep on having a shortage on that and had to ask a few times for it.
So, did I approved Cs’s plan to have fish and chips everyday? NO.
Maybe as all the food were fried in groundnut oil (as stated in the menu) I had bad sore throat after just a few pieces of wedges and fish. CS managed to finish half of his, before he got unwell too. In the end, we had to pack the remaining (a lot!) food. We tried to finish them the next morning but got unwell again. They ended up in garbage bin.
To Rock and Sole Plaice’s credit, their fish and chips taste really delicious and they remained crunchy even on the next morning. It’s just that they were not for weak stomach throats.
The unfinished dinner came to be the priciest meal we had in London at 31 pounds (including drinks). When I highlighted this to my friends their reaction were, “Why did you dine in? You should have do take-away!” A little googling made me realized that it takes only 4 pounds for a take-away fish and chips! WHAT?!

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