Gold Mine Roast Duck at Bayswater, London

When ZL inform me that there’s a world class Gold Mine roast duck in London, I was skeptical. I knew there are quite a number of Hong Kong immigrants in London and probably brought their trade along when they migrated there, I just didn’t expected they brought along the recipe for ‘world class roast duck’.

Gold Mine Roast Duck in Bayswater, London

From online search, I can see a lot of people were rooting for Four Seasons in Bayswater but a friend told me to go to Gold Mine, which was opened by an ex-chef of Four Seasons.

Gold Mine roast duck is true as its reputation
Despite the previous experience at Rock and Sole Plaice, we were once again, startled by the portion of the duck rice. It’s very good of them to provide such a big portion. The fault was on us. We had spent hours in Primark stores and had only 30 minutes for this meal before rushing to Paddington Station.
While I thought UK is the land of breads, Gold Mine did impress me with rice as good as we ate them in Hong Kong – distinguishable grains by grains. The duck is meaty and juicy. If you ask me, yes, it certainly ranked as the best I had so far.

Service in Gold Mine was good too. Service is prompt. The waitress even offered us ‘pig’s tongue soup’ for free which taste just as good. Despite our tight budget for the trip, we happily departed with 20% tips for the waitress.

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