Pisang Goreng at Taman Soga, Batu Pahat

Pisang goreng at Batu Pahat

I always cry foul over pisang goreng (banana fritters) served with anything else but sambal kicap, the way they were served in Johor. I am lucky to have a pisang goreng stall nearby my home in Klang Valley served that way, although something is still a little off.

Pisang Goreng at Batu Pahat

During CNY holiday, I have no control but stuffing myself with all the food uniquely made in Batu Pahat – beef noodle, duck noodle, laksa, pork porridge and the list goes on. After all, it will be another two months before I’ll be back again.

The pisang goreng at Taman Soga may not be the best in Batu Pahat, but stayed very true to the principle. That being said, finely chopped bird eyes chilies immersed in light soy sauce with grinded peanut toppings. Caution though, some sambal kicap can be very spicy.

This is an unnamed (or so I thought) shop in Taman Soga facing Jalan Tanjong Laboh, not far from the roundabout (there’s only one roundabout in Batu Pahat). From the Google Map, the GPS is roughly 1.845954, 102.939603.

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