Peking Duck at Dragon-I

Some time ago, upon returning from Kuantan family trip, sis had a craving for good old roast duck. Peking duck specifically. I wasn’t too enthusiastic mostly because I know one, it will be exorbitantly expensive, two, we will be paying for pieces of duck skin with fats and minimal meat beneath the skin. She had no choice but lure me with the fact that she will be paying.

The nearest place she could find a Peking Duck was at Dragon-I in Pavillion, one of the chinese food big brand in Malaysia that I have been put off by their price tag. But sis is paying so …. 🙂

Dragon I
Slices of cucumber, honey lemon and big onion

Waiting was a painful process especially on a busy Sunday with a post-holiday mood looming over us. We were entertained only by the look of sweet sauce and side ingredients meant to complement the duck, plus the deafening sound of crowds chatting and spoon hitting the plates.

Dragon I 3
Steamed pancake wrap for the meat

Dragon I 2

The duck finally arrived complete with a chef who skillfully skinned the roast duck. We were hungry and tucked in right away, carefully lining the wraps with sauce, ingredients and meat before curling it.

Dragon I 5

I will be frank here; the taste is not super duper delicious considering the price and the amount of human work we have to put on it. It taste like any other roast duck, less salty and nothing more.

As part of the three-course-set, we get to choose two dish that will be made from the remaining duck meat. Mum wanted carbo so we ordered fried noodles with duck meat and a soup.

Dragon I 6
Fried noodle with very little duck meat.

Dragon I 7

The noodles taste about right but a tad too oily and Mum whispered to me,”Where are the duck meat?” I have to agree with her, as she’s a housewife who cooks dozens of ducks in a year. Who knows “duck-number” better than she? Amidst all the ‘dry’ food we ate, the soup was very heart warming but hardly enough.

Finally curiosity filled, at the expense of my sis’s purse. Frankly, I won’t be returning any time soon because I’ve always thought chinese food should be stomach-filling and not done like French cuisine – artsy and little.

After the meal, sis decided to stop at a bread house to buy egg tarts for supper. What does this tells us?

If you ever caught me there, someone else must be paying the bill.

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