Paris, London & Oxford with less than RM5000 Part II

continued from Paris London Oxford with less than RM5000

Note the price

Boulangeries & pâtisseries in Paris have prices that differ from one another, by rather big difference. We had pastries at Guerin, a 2003 award winning boulangerie and it’s 30% pricier than another bakery down the street. A macaron at Laduree will cost around 2 euro while McCafe’s is 0.90 euro. There’s definitely taste difference between the cheaper and the pricier part but even the cheaper one taste good enough for me.

Pastries from Brioche Doree

Quiche Lorraine from Guerin is 4 euro each and more expensive than another patisseries a few doors away. Warning – you could get addicted with it!

Macarons from McCafe

Macarons from Laduree, the ‘Prada’ amongst the macarons.

Metro and tube – All-you-can-travel

As mentioned, Oyster Card (London Tube) has a capped amount. Once you reached the capped amount, why not make a few more stops at different attractions, taking photos along the way?

If you’re using Mobilis or Paris Visite card, you can do the same too in Paris. In view of the fact that I am a lazy person, I chose to change the metro lines twice or more, so I can get off at a station nearest to my destination. That saved me from walking. :p

Scam City

We were getting into a metro train when two guys stood very close behind us. I looked at CS and saw one of them touching his jean’s back pocket and before I could say a thing, I felt another hand patting my jacket’s pocket. I turned and looked (ferociously) at them and they pretended nothing happened. They jumped off at the next stop and got into another coach. Luckily we had taken precaution not to put our valuables in pockets.

If you’re going to Sacre Couer, beware of the overly friendly people standing at the start of the staircase. They would claim wanting to be friend with you and try to tie a ‘friendship string’ on you before demanding you to pay for them. Don’t get too happy when someone presented you with a bouquet of flowers, saying how beautiful you are. You’ll end up paying for it.

Also be cautious of people asking you to sign for a petition. Two women followed us for two streets before they finally gave up. There will be a clause in the petition saying that you agreed to ‘donate’ a certain amount for the petition.

Drink what?

I was told that I could easily refill my bottle at drinking fountains all over the city of Paris. We did come across these fountains but they don’tt look very hygienic with the cobwebs hanging around it. Mineral water is cheap in France provided you buy them from normal convenience shop or supermarkets. We bought a full carton of them from a shop next to our hotel and bring out a bottle or two every day.

Ask for a jug of ‘tap water’ whenever you dine at a restaurant and café in Paris. These are free of charge but be specific that you ask for tap water, not mineral water. Refill your bottle when the waiter is not looking!

Tax Refund

Luxury handbags and some cosmetics are entitled for tax refund. You can only redeem tax refund when you’re going OUT from European countries. Say if you buy the item in London, then travel to Paris, you cannot redeem the tax refund in UK. Instead you will redeem in French airport when you’re flying back home. Remember to ask for tax refund form when paying. Shops will usually put a signage if their items a tax refundable.

If you’re planning to redeem a lot of tax refund, it’s not a good idea to have an early flight back home. We’re in Orly airport at 7 am but the tax refund counter was still closed.

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