Nuri’s Warung (Nachos Mama) in Ubud, Bali.

“You MUST, MUST, MUST try Nuri’s Warung Bali during your trip there!” That’s what our friend told us before our departure. OK, note taken.. but we forgot to ask the most important thing. Where was it? We had already given up hope on finding Nuri’s Warung, but coincidentaly found it on our way to Neka Museum, Ubud.

Nuri's Warung Bali in Ubud

Since the staff was grilling a hell lot of meats, chops and sausages, while our friend highly recommended its grilled pork ribs, I guess their specialties are barbequed items.

Juicy pork rib at Nuri's Warung Bali

Our last meal was just like 3 hours ago, and our next meal- Bebek Bengil was just 2 hours away. We did a ‘calculation’ on how much we can fit into our stomach and decided to order only one plate of grilled pork ribs to share.

Since the staff we’re grilling the meat at the front door, we inevitably have to endure breathing in some smoke while eating there. However, the pork ribs were worth it! The portion is rather big and I suspect that it was actually meant to be shared by two.

Nuri’s Warung’s pork ribs were grilled to perfection, with some not-so-healthy burnt crunchy crisp at the edges to CS’s delight. It was well marinated so it was served with barely any sauce except a piece of lime. I would recommend trying this out first without squeezing in the lime juice.

Take a peek at the menu (sorry about the clarity):

Nuri's Warung Bali menu board

Nuri's Warung Bali menu board

The pork ribs was priced at 65,ooo Rph (about RM24) which we thought was quite reasonable considering the we could never get one in Malaysia for that price. It was only 4 days after that, we found an even better and cheaper pork ribs in Kuta in Nusa Indah.

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