New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice, Jalan Gasing PJ

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice (finally I think I got its name right, or do I?). It’s difficult to get its name right since I tend to wonder why the word ‘restaurant’ wasn’t at the end?

CS finally dragged me to this place. I’m not much of a chicken rice lover, not to mention steamed chicken. My mum used to religiously cooks this every 1st and 15th of lunar month. I remember how I used to cry when my parents tried to coax/force me to eat it when I was a kid.

When I thought it’s just another ‘traditional’ shop, I was actually surprised by the ordering of food done by using PDA and their cashiering system are just like the one we usually find at other big fast food chain.

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice

The signature dish is the steamed kampong chicken, but since it’s steeper compared to the normal chicken rice, we ordered the normal ones. The ‘normal’ steamed chicken was unfortunately a little overcooked and the meat texture was not as juicy as I anticipated. Nice ginger sauce though.

All the steamed chicken were accompanied by a piece of chicken liver, one of the very very few animal innards that I don’t fancy. Lucky CS got to eat mine. The chicken rice didn’t come cheap as the chicken itself cost RM4.50 per pax and rice were calculated separately at RM1.70 per plate. So in total, to enjoy a plate of 1 pax chicken rice, the cost would be RM6.20, easily became the most expensive chicken rice I had ever tried.

Char Siu Rice at New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice
We ordered BBQ Char Siew (RM10) as side dish. Pretty good, I would say except like the chicken, it was a bit dry but the very sweet sauce makes up for it. The Char Siew smell so nice, flavorful and I suspect they’re grilling them the traditional way – charcoal.

Pork balls at New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice
It’s always easy to say that we’ll just drop by to taste their chicken rice and nothing else, but in reality, it’s really hard to do it, since they had such a wide variety of food available here. We can almost (shamelessly) claim ourselves as ‘saints’ for being able to resist the urge to order a large plate of fried lala. Nonetheless we slipped a little and ordered a bowl of soup with 4 sizeable pork meatballs. Just like the meatballs in Batu Pahat, they have added in dried cuttlefish that makes the meatballs even more delicious.

The shop is big and spacious but apparently still not big enough to fit in so many customers. By 7 pm, people were already waiting right behind us, waiting for us to finish our meals so they can take our place. Wow..

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