Nasi Lemak Village Park, PJ Uptown

If you ever pass by PJ Uptown in the morning, you won’t miss noticing the long queue at this place – Village Park, the place that’s been discussed by lots of blogger that nasi lemak Village Park is the best in Klang Valley.

I had been to Village Park once only and had only tried out their lontong and curry mee that scored pretty good marks, in my opinion. Like the rest of any days, the crowd in Village Park is overwhelming and most of the time, intimidating. I can’t stop wondering why people would prefer to queue up in the densely packed shop to order their meal instead of get a decent seat and wait for the fastidious waiters to come. We got our meal within minutes.

Nasi Lemak Village Park, PJ

Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng (~RM6.50). Its rice are soft and fragrant and the only complain I had is it was a little bit salty, and so was the sambal. However I believe anyone who likes stronger flavour will find this as a strong point instead. The ayam goreng (fried chicken) on the other hand, was very good, fried to perfection and not too dry.

While most mamak’s hot milo are overly sweet, Village Park’s milo is just the right for me. It taste like they used more milo powder and less sweet condensed milk.

Nasi Lemak Village Park, PJ Uptown

Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam (~RM6.50). I simply love the rendang ayam and I wonder how it got overshadowed by the fried chicken. The meat was very soft and flavourful while the rendang was rich with flavours of lemongrass and turmeric.

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