Nasi Beriani Mohd Shah, Batu Pahat

Seeing way too much of ‘Nasi Beriani Batu Pahat’ in Klang Valley, selling at really steep price simply devastates me so when I got myself a chance on cheaper dose of original Nasi Beriani Batu Pahat once we got back in Johor. Mohd Shah is usually the first choice (although it’s not my usual choice) when the locals thinks of Nasi Beriani. It used to operate in a tattered wooden shoplot but had moved to a new food court a few years back. Other Nasi Beriani stalls had also taken root in this place, hence it’s not exaggerating if I call this place medan nasi beriani.

Nasi Beriani with mutton.

As usual, the business is brisk but fortunately the place is sufficiently equipped with tables and chairs. At flat rate of RM6, you can choose whether to have chicken or mutton beriani, although I had to admit my disappointment on the absence of beef.

Nasi Beriani with chicken.

I would have tried out the beef that’s available from other stalls but I was too adamant on blogging about this famous Mohd Shah. True to its reputation, its rice was fluffy and distinguishable grains by grains. The portion was almost humungous even though we did not have breakfast on the day.

So what’s the main point that didn’t made Mohd Shah my usual first choice? I found the meat – chicken or mutton is usually hard to chew and I don’t find it pleasurable when the meat stuck so stubbornly between my teeth. However the strong creamy curry does redeem some points for this shortcoming.

The sirap bandung over here is really special because soda and lime (I guess..) was added.

Direction: If you’re coming from Muar or Tangkak, you’ll definitely reach Batu Pahat bridge. The food court is on your left just (opposite Putra Specialist Hospital) right after crossing the bridge.

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  1. wow…marvelous..although it's a high calorie food…but for once in a while…I'll willing to risk it…hihihi