Nam Long Porridge at Mongkok, Hong Kong

On our 3rd day in Hong Kong, we headed to the famous 3 streets (Sai Yeong, Tong Choi & Fa Yuen) area again to find our breakfast having starved without supper the previous night. “Point a place, just point a place.” CS said eagerly. I pointed at a shop just because of the word ‘porridge’ on its signboard – Nam Long Porridge. What’s a hot piping porridge on a cold after-morning typhoon? I would say answer to my prayers from above!

Nam Long is a shop specializing in porridge and local za liong (fried pastries)- yao zar kuai, ham chi peng, yam cakes just to name a few. There’s a chef for the making of za liong but no luck for us as he was absent on that day.

Minced beef porridge.

Fish porridge

The porridge preparation is not unlike Hon Kee in Malaysia with the porridge mass-cooked in a big pot and left to simmer on the stove. Once we ordered, they will put the ingredients (raw fish or meat) in a bowl and hot porridge will be poured over them.

Hong Kong has always impress me with their porridges and there’s no exception for this one. Nam Long porridge is very smooth and thick with distinctive presence of the meat/fish sweetness.We went back again the next day and had the chance to try their yau za kuai and add on with Chu Cheong Fun. Both okay but pale in comparison to the porridge.

Nam Long Porridge in Hong Kong

Nam Long was a surprise find and I was glad that CS (who got a little bored with Hon Kee recently) has his love for porridge revived.

Nam Long Porridge in Mongkok

Nam Long is located at Fa Yuen Street near an intersection. I’m not sure about the exact address but here’s the address I got from Openrice : 旺角花園街3號鴻威大廈地下11號舖.

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