Nakau, the cheap nice Japanese fast food chain

Nakau offers the best cheap food in Japan

Unlike Malaysia, fast food is not a synonym with McDonald in Japan but mostly associated with eatery chain serving simple traditional Japanese meal. We had the luck of trying most of the bigger brands like Yoshinoya, which unfortunately vanished from Malaysian market, Sukiya (which is the young gun in Malaysia) and to add to the list – Nakau. While Yoshinoya and Sukiya serves mainly rice meal, specifically the ‘don’, Nakau offers slightly more variety with rice don, curry rice and udon set on its menu.

Nakau Japan

We chanced upon our first Nakau in Shibuya area, actually not far from Ginhachidon. We were intrigued with the idea of ordering food via machine although with some difficulty understanding the menu.

Nakau Japan

My Cold Udon with Duck Broth set. The cold udon was very al dente that I wouldn’t mind eating it plain. The duck broth was so full with flavour.

Nakau Japan

The Beef Don may not be as good as Yoshinoya’s but did not really fall far behind, actually.

Nakau is easily the cheapest fast food chain with satisfactory taste and we actually walk into its many branches in Tokyo and Kyoto during the two weeks stay there.

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