Mr Jones’ Orphanage @ Siam Centre, Bangkok

Place to have coffee and cakes

Mr Jones' Orphanage

Unless I am holidaying in a remote area, chances is high that I will start a coffee hunt again, a booster for me to continue shopping. Unfortunately on the third day, we were ‘blessed’ with a rainy day which cut my coffee hunt really short, actually, limited the option to only one – Mr Jones’ Orphanage.

Did you heard it right? Yes, it’s a themed cafe and the theme is orphanage which explained the small seatings, teddy bear loaded decorations and basically anything that screams kiddo. On the side note, I can’t decide whether this looks more like Mr Magorium’s Emporium or Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.Anyone who have outgrown their childhood height will find themselves difficult to squeeze into the seats. Crouch, duck and keeping your heads low are musts, or you will ended up like me, banging into one of the wooden structure.

Mr Jones' Orphanage, a cafe in Siam Bangkok

The confectionery display near the entrance is the highlight of the place which tempted every single taste bud of ours.

Mr Jones' Orphanage Cafe in Siam Bangkok
Mr Jones' Orphanage Cafe in Siam Bangkok

As all the cakes and pastries looks really nice, we asked for recommendation from the staff. He did recommended a few on the menu but he was rather unfocused, easily distracted by other customers and the dirty tables on the other side of the shop. It took us another five minutes to hail another staff to take our order.

Comes to the food, the strawberry shortcake we ordered was decent. As it was a shortcake, dry bread-like texture was inevitable but luckily was compensated by the rich cream filling.

One of the recommended item was the Chocolate Ferrero Cake, basically, a chocolate moist cake topped with cornflakes and a piece of Ferrero Roche. The first few bites were good but we soon felt stuffed from the sweetness.

Mr Jones' Orphanage Cafe in Siam Bangkok

I hate the coffees in Mr Jones’ Orphanage. They lack of every aspect of a good coffee – body, aroma and taste. Instead of feeling energized by the caffeine, I felt tired and regretful for not trying other choices like the Coffee Bean by Dao.

Mr Jones' Orphanage Cafe in Siam Bangkok
Mr Jones' Orphanage Cafe in Siam Bangkok

Despite the cute little place, I am afraid I will never make a second visit again to the cafe. After all, what’s a cafe without a good coffee?

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