Claypot Frog @ Mei Xiang Ji Restaurant, Batu Pahat

I’ve just discovered. That I am a freak. The truth came out during a conversation with my dear colleagues about eating. What I listed out as menu, were all considered exotic food to them. Beefs (most Malaysian chinese refrained from eating beef) and innards are some of them. Pig heart? They were like WHAT?? And the last word I mentioned simply sent them petrified – FROGS.

Believe me, as disgusting as they look in their off-colored rough skin, these amphibians are rather delicious when paired with a good cook.

Every time we go back to hometown, CS will requested to have dinner at Mei Xiang Ji restaurant which specialize in cooking frogs.

Batu Pahat Mei Xiang Ji Restaurant
Batu Pahat Mei Xiang Ji Restaurant

If you are wondering how frogs taste like, here it is … (prepare to puke or read in awe). They taste like chicken, but depending on the ‘quality’ of the frogs, they can be way sweeter than chicken meat. They are also very stringy in texture and not tough to bite.

The best recipe for frog will be “Kong Po” style, which means cooking with dried chilies, black soy sauce and ginger. Mei Xiang Ji’s second best menu will be their frog porridge, cooked over long hours.

There is a another shop selling frog menu too opposite of here but their frogs do not taste that good. 🙂

So.. are you planning to frog it?

25, Jalan Kundang 13, Taman Bukit Pasir, 83000, Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

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