Mee Racun Tulang Sri Jaya @ Batu Pahat, Johor

Mee Racun or Poisonous Noodles of Batu Pahat is actually delicious.

Mee Racun, literally translated as ‘Poisonous Noodles’ is the most iconic food of Batu Pahat. In fact, it originated here for years until its fame reaches other towns and states. Since then, many people who passes by Batu Pahat will stop by for a plate of devilish red Mee Racun.

So, is Mee Racun poisonous? The answer is no, considering I am still standing and alive, writing this post after having the meal 4 days ago. I believe the name was a gimmick to attract attention to this cuisine. Talk about noise marketing huh?

After years of being cautious to its namesake, we finally decided to try it during the Chinese New Year holiday.

Mee Racun or Poisonous Noodles of Batu Pahat is actually delicious.

We opt for mihun and were immediately hooked by its taste. Imagine an upgraded version of mee tomato with very delectable beef (albeit small) to bite. The spicy, sweet and sourish gravy was very pleasant to taste. Considering CS and I were already full of all the CNY goodies we ate earlier, we still managed to finish it down to the last drop. Mee Racun was just that good.

Mee Racun Tulang in Taman Seri Jaya, Batu Pahat is the first to invent the dish.

Although there are a few stalls offering this specialty in Batu Pahat, we chose Mee Racun Tulang in Taman Sri Jaya. In my vague memory, it seemed to be the first to start with Mee Racun so it’s befitting that we paid the first tribute to them.

The name ‘Tulang’ or bones was due to the special version of Mee Racun, served with mutton bone marrow (kambing gearbox). The bone marrow was meant to be drank, so a straw will be given to ease the process. We did not try the bone marrow this time (too much meat for CNY!), but will certainly try it next time.

Mee Racun Tulang Sri Jaya

Address: Jalan Rotan Tunggal, Taman Seri Jaya, 83000 Batu Pahat
Estimated GPS: 1.865872, 102.951879
Business hour: from 4.00 pm onwards till sold out

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