MBK Foodcourt @ 6th Floor MBK, Bangkok

I was just like a kid who found a candy house when we got to MBK foodcourt on 6th floor. Spicy food, Thai food, seafood, I named it, they have it! Oops, there’s no green curry or I would have complete my Thai food adventure here.

The selections here will make you extremely faltering on what’s first, what’s last to try? We just changed our 300B into coupons – CS departed to the left, and me to the right. We ended up with one oyster omelette 70B, ice kacang 20B and a claypot of mixed beef noodles with rice 60B on our table for our first visit here. Couldn’t eat much as I have to save some ‘space’ on my ‘1 teragig’ stomach for dinner at Somboon later.

We came to MBK again the next day, and the next day to get the others like deep-fried pork rice 70B and mango salad 50B while keep on repeating on what we already had on the first day.
CS loaded this ice kacang with extra syrups, so sweet.. Very cooling for extremely hot Bangkok.
Deep-fried pork chop rice. The pork was fried till crispy and the taste is strong. Surprisingly the preserved vegetables weren’t that salty as I’ve expected.
Mango salad: To my dismay, the mango was sliced way too thick and I actually forgot to ask the boss to cut down on the chilli padi. My eyes were teary and my ears were steaming!


The oyster omelette were beautifully done, but I was surprised that it was quite bland, but a few drops of soy sauce solved the problem.
Mixed beef soup was my favourite here until we recently started to think whether the ‘meat’ in the spoon (shown in picture) was er… some ’embarassing parts’ of cow or not..
You get to mix and eat like a Thai in this 6th floor foodcourt.
Another ice kacang with mixed sago dessert. Yummy….



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