Lontong Hilton @ Roundabout Batu Pahat

Lontong is one of my favorite malay food and for that, I made a ‘wish’ or ‘resolution’ to die-die must try Lontong Hilton 13 years ago, having failed twice before. During this CNY holiday at home, I finally succeeded!

Don’t be mistaken about the word ‘Hilton’. There’s no single Hilton hotel in this town, but for some reason, that’s how locals refer to this lontong stall, although some called it Roundabout Lontong too due to its location. So what made me waited for 13 years to try it? If there’s an award to be given for worst attitude hawkers, this place will definitely win for years. You can queue up or wave at the bosses for hours and they won’t even throw a look at you. You can tell them your orders but the possibilities of your message getting into their brains are 50-50.

Hellloooo… anyone in????

So after praying and made offerings to the deities for good luck (just kidding), we ventured into the Hilton. Deities must have blessed us, there were available seat for us but then, where’s the family that runs the stall? Water is still boiling at the counter and the looks of other waiting customers told us they are clueless too.

So we waited for 15 minutes before the family finally arrived. Customers started to gather around the counter and CS followed suit. It took a whole 15 minutes for CS to come back to our table with our trophies – 2 bowls of lontong.

Lontong Hilton, Batu Pahat



The first thing I noticed was the portion was pretty small, which was still okay for breakfast but surely will starve me for lunch. It was topped with palatable sambal sotong that are usually used in nasi lemak. The santan curry-like gravy is creamier than the usual lontong but could have been better if there’s more mix vegetable and dried shrimp taste in it. We did ordered some drinks but apparently (no surprise) they forgot our orders so we proceeded to pay and scram.

All in all, is it a good lontong? Yes. Is it the best? Not really. Will I come back again? Nah… the 30 minutes wait for a meal that you’ll finish in 5 minutes is too much hassle to me.

Directions : It’s just beside the police hostel, nearby the roundabout that interconnect Jalan Kluang, Jalan Rahmat and Jalan Tanjong Laboh. If you’re still lost, just ask for direction the one and only roundabout in Batu Pahat.

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