Le Bis Trot 30′ in Paris

Le Bistrot Cafe in Paris serves very good Orange Duck

If you’re in Paris, you will never be short of 3 or 4 course meals offered in every corner of Paris city. In such, I must say these aren’t something to be missed especially when they come within means of 10 to 16 euros per set.

The streets opposite to the Notre Dame, or St Michel area, is a famous haunt for food. We were surprised at the varieties that we can find here (even India cuisine!). Decisions were hard but after a few minutes of discussion we ended up in Le Bis Trot 30′. Finally, we are eating French gourmet (at least, that’s what I think) in a French restaurant.

CS’s entrees – Mussels with White Wine. At first, we weren’t impressed with the size that’s many times smaller than New Zealand green mussels from Cold Storage but this is a case of “do not judge a book by its cover”. These are extremely sweet, I mean, that kind of seafood natural sweetness. For the next few days in Paris, Mussel with White Wine had became our official entrees for dinners.
My entrees – I forgot what this dish was actually called (you can guess my ratings already by now) but it’s something like Escargot with butter and mint. They’re a disappointment because the butter and mint sauce does not get into the flesh so it taste pretty bland.
And not to forget it takes unrewarding time and skills to extract the flesh from the shells.
My plats (main dish) – five pieces of soft, tender, juicy and flavorful Duck Breast in Orange Sauce. Need I say more?
Le Bis Trot 30' in Paris
As if they knew five pieces of duck meat were not enough to feed me, it came with delectable (and creamy) mashed potatoes.
CS was excited about his plats since he’s convinced that steaks in european countries will definitely be better than ours. He made a mistake. The steak, despite being ordered as medium rare, was tough and chewy. The only redeeming quality of this plats was the wedges.
Other food that was ordered by our friends which I cannot comment since I did not try them.
While the entrees and the plats has something that would make me return to Le Bis Trot 30′, the desserts, unfortunately, left a lot to be desired.
Creme brulee. Other than the looks, it doesn’t give a hint that IT IS a creme brulee.
No comment for this one as I did not try it.
Profiteroles. We had a really good one while we’re in Oxford and this one is many levels below that. The puff pastries were soggy and the cream fillings were too thin.
If I were to re-pick my desserts, I would take this Tiramisu. It wasn’t the best but it certainly beats other desserts.
Le Bis Trot 30 in Paris
Le Bis Trot 30 in Paris

Although Le Bis Trot 30 gave us more misses than hits, sometimes I will be fondly reminded of their Duck Breast in Orange Sauce. If ever, I had the fortune to travel to Paris again, they will probably find me standing at their doorsteps again, waiting for a vacant seats, just for the duck and mussels.

Address : 30 Rue du Severin, Paris (nearest metro is St Michel).

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